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Mgmt 530 Conference Decision Week 1 Case Analysis

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MGMT530 – Conference Decision
Week 1 Case Analysis Template

1) Define the decision problem?
As indicated by the scenario it seems that the decision problem is a matter if the accounting systems annual conference that is previously scheduled to occur on September 13-16,2005 should be canceled, due to the fact Hurricane Katrina has occurred and demolished building and homes leaving them in ruin in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. The primary issue thus becomes does the board or committee moves the conference to a future date or have conference at another location that would thus incur higher costs for hotel for patrons of the conference in addition to it would be a price increase for flights that were already scheduled to New Orleans.

2) What is the general nature of the problem?
The issue is categorized as a non-program problem due to the fact that it is a natural disaster that is not able to ...view middle of the document...

These fees include the registration fee, hotel stay and any items that go along with the package fees. If the location is moved to another city there will be an increase in cost. The question then becomes who is to pay the difference between their pre-paid and what next location/venue/hotel will cost. In addition, who will pay any flight or transportation differentiation cost for these prepaid participants and speakers. The speakers might require more money if they were already routed to fly from

5) What are the underlying elements of the problem?
This conference seems to be the pinnacle point for participants to a) network/connect with current customers in addition to establishing new ones b) the distribution of new product concepts/designs that are promising for the future of that industry. If the final solution to this problem into being to move the conference to another date, there is a possibility that managers will have difficulties scheduling the speakers that were originally lined up. In addition to another time for participants to reschedule flights at economical rate and be with to use there are paid money towards another hotel location.

6) Describe the dependencies on other decisions?

The decision to hold the conference depends on certain other decisions. The management has worked with the Local Convention & Visitor’s Bureau and the hotel for the conference and wants to help them recover the destruction. The management may want to hold the conference in the same city at some future date in order to provide an opportunity to overcome the destruction by holding the conference. The decision will also be influenced by the cost of holding the conference and the willingness of the attendees to attend the conference if the management plans to hold the conference in a different city. The decision with respect to date will also affect the holding of the conference in the same city or a different city. The management may plan the conference in New Orleans if it is held at a future date. The final decision will be affected by the effect of the decision on customer engagement and the momentum of the company developed over the years.

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