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Mgt 311 Week Employee Portfolio Management Plan

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Employee Portfolio-Management Plan

Sammie Jay




Employee Portfolio-Management Plan

Characteristics play an important role in finding the right person to fill a position in an organization. The management team not only has to find someone who can perform the requirements of the position successfully, but they must also choose someone who will be a team player, get along well with the other team members, work hard and diligently to complete their assignments and be open minded to new ideas and people. If the position is a management position those involved in the hiring process must be sure the person they hire is able to motivate and inspire others.
How Employee Characteristics Affect the Performance of the Organization
Employee characteristics play a large role in the ...view middle of the document...

Good attitudes help increase customer service and inspire new ideas and motivation. If a manager is a hard worker and stays focused on their work and sees all their projects to completion they will inspire and motivate their employees to do the same. When employees see their managers doing the same things that are expected of them they feel equally important. They see that management is also held to high standards and is willing to reach or exceed those expectations so they begin to realize they should exceed the expectations given to them.
If someone is easily distracted as one of the ladies that completed the assessments is they may distract other employees from completing their jobs. If an employee is ruled by their emotions or is lacking in enthusiasm it could rub off to the other employees. This could cause a decline in customer service and employee morale. If employee morale declines customer service will definitely decline. This will cause customers to want to go somewhere else with their money. They don’t have to choose that particular company. Customers want to go where they feel appreciated.

Recommendations for Additional Assessments
I would recommend that each person take a behavior assessment and an accounting/finance assessment, due to the nature of their jobs. I would also recommend a problem solving and writing assessment.
The characteristics of the employees can have a huge impact on the success of a business. Employees all have different characteristics that can be assets to the company. Likewise they have characteristics that could possibly harm the company depending on how long they are allowed to continue the behavior. Assessments can help ensure that the best candidates are hired for open positions. The success of a company can rise or fall on the shoulders of its employees.

Employee Portfolio Management Plan
Self Assessments from week 1

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