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Mgt 426 Week 4

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Managing Change Paper III
Steptoe & Johnson, LLP (Steptoe) made the decision that there was a need for change within the company. The revenues within the company were of great concern and the partners felt the issue needed to be dealt with immediately. Steptoe failed to create a shared vision within the company that leads to a difficult change over. Steptoe needed to create a sense of urgency and separate the past issues to make the changeover successful. The leadership needed to take responsibility and set a structure for everyone to follow in order for the change take effect and maintain after the transition was complete. In this paper, we will discuss the needs for change within the ...view middle of the document...

First, if revenues for Steptoe were a real concern, the partners should have taken a look at several different areas where cuts could have been made possibly without cutting staff. Another option for the firm would have been to take the leap of merging with another firm since this has become a new trend in the Washington, D.C. that appears to be very lucrative for other firms. At least this would have eliminated cutting employees and cause so much friction within the firm. The next solution is for Steptoe to have focused their attention on bringing in more clients on the partner level which in turn would have generated a huge payoff for the firm, therefore significantly increasing revenues.

Create a Shared Vision
Steptoe & Johnson, LLP failed to create a shared vision within the organization. Instead, the mega sized law firm took the approach to exclude the management team of certain new changes that were going to be implemented by the firm. By the time the news of the upcoming changes were presented to the management teams, there was already concern that something other than what was being presented was about to take place within the firm.
The firm partners had all discussed and prepared for what was going to come as a surprise to some and disappointment to others. The decision to implement such drastic changes within the firm without first, discussing it with its executive board and the management team was viewed by many as suspicious.
By the time the management teams were presented with the information, they fully understood from the partners that the new changes were not up for debate, but must be implemented as soon as possible, the management teams were left scrambling to not only make sense of these changes, but to be able to present these new changes in a way that would not seem suspicious to the other employees. It became very clear that the vision was not a shared company vision, but was a vision that was created by the partners of the firm to benefit only the partners instead of focusing on the overall well-being of the firm and all of its employees.
If Steptoe & Johnson wanted to create a shared vision, they should have considered the alignment of the firm’s past vision along with the present vision in order to strategically come up with new changes that would enhance and guide the business in a totally new direction. For instance, “Lack of an adequate process for translating shared vision into collective action is associated with the failure to produce transformational organizational change” (Akin, Dunford & Palmer, 2006). A shared vision is not a vision that only consists of what one group of individuals believed, but the vision is also shared with others within the organization and sometimes may include external entities.
A shared vision for Steptoe would have consisted of first, the firm’s partners meeting with the management teams and discussing their plans for taking the firm in a new direction,...

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