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Mgt 521 Personal Values Essay

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Personal Values
Ethics involve identifying, differentiating, and defending concepts of right and wrong, and what values humanity retains from ethical growth and development. Reading through the Ethics Awareness Inventory helped me to gain insights into ethical perspective of decision making. I was also able to understand the three components of Ethical decision namely: Awareness, Articulation and Application.
The Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory
Every day people make decisions. People face situations where they must make what they believe is the “right” decision. However, when it comes to ethical faced with ethical dilemmas, people believe that there are “right” and “wrong” ...view middle of the document...

Every decision I make is made by evaluating the options and looking into the future to see how the outcome of the decision may affect others and me within my circle of influence.
Ethical Values of Kudler Fine Food
In my view, the Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) ethical philosophy is mostly based on the “results or consequences” of its actions “It is not enough for an individual to “talk the talk.”. The proof of this approach is reflected in KFF’s Compensation Philosophy. “Our philosophy is that highly satisfied employees create highly satisfied customers, so we intend to provide a total reward system that is above the market. However, we also believe that pay should be linked to performance, so our base pay opportunities will be indexed to the market median in each of the markets we serve. We will offer incentive plans to those who perform well to increase their overall compensation” (KFF’s Compensation Philosophy, 2003). Being results oriented also means that the company “believes that conduct should be directed toward promoting the greatest good to...

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