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Mgt Essay

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Essay 1

Anyone serving as a manager or team leader always faces challenges and obstacle as well as opportunities. In order to manager and leader the organization better, managers should be qualified to their position. As a efficient manager or leader, they should have the essential managerial skills, such as technical skills, which is an ability to perform specialized tasks; human skill, which comprise the ability to work well with other people; Conceptual skill, which is the ability to analyze and solve complex problems.
According to the organizational behavior theory, Manager operates a company with a management process, the process fulfill four functions, which ...view middle of the document...

Manager will assign tasks and resource allocator will arrange resources which is necessary to each member. By using technical and conceptual skills, resources and positions can be assigned properly.
Leading function focus on inspiring people to work harder, helping them to get a efficient performance. Leader play a essential role in process of leading function, they usually create enthusiasm and serve employees by using human skills, Thus, the job satisfaction of employees and the working performance can be improved.
Controlling function is used to ensure a high-level working efficiency by monitoring worker’s performance, as well as taking measures to correct the mistakes among members. Therefore, in this function, company need a entrepreneur to seek problems exist among workers, then, disturbance handler apply the technical and conceptual skills to search a way that can fix the issue perfectly.
Except the above roles from mintzberg’s theory, manager roles like figurehead, spokesperson, negotiator are all important not only in company, but also play a essential role out of company.

Essay 2

The skill sets of managers are technical skills, human skills, and conceptual. Because Human skills comprise the ability to work well with other people, where as defined by Daniel Goleman, emotional intelligence is the ability to manage oneself and one’s relationships effectively. Obviously , emotional intelligence is a subset of human skills from the definition.
As we know, emotions are a kind of feelings, it is strong, can be positive or negative, and that feelings toward to certain objects . If people’s emotion are good or positive, it may lead to a good result. Whereas once a bad emotion arouse, without the ability to handle that bad emotion or feeling, wrong action might be taken, as a result, people did thing they were not intended to , and regretted for it. Especially in organizations, Failing to control emotions is easy to cause severe bad influences on finance.For this reason , Learning to handle oneself’s emotion turns to be a fatal things. Emotional intelligence affects the performance in people’s work, it also can influence person’s mental and physical condition, moreover, it also affects the relationship with friends or colleagues. Consequently, emotional intelligence is consider as a key factor and basic skill in the process of management.
Since emotional intelligence plays such a pivotal role both in business and life, in my opinion , emotional intelligence should be learned, and worth to learn, what’s...

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