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Mice And Men Curley's Wife Is It Sympathic Character

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My beautiful grandma is about 68 years old now. She is not that tall but not

short either, about five feet, three inches. She has dark brown sparkly eyes and

long dark hair that is getting lots of gray, but she wears it really proudly.

She keeps her hair tied back all the time. She loves wearing bright colored dresses

She likes to wear different shades of blue colored dresses, usually in

traditional clothes like saris. She loves small flowered patterns and sparkly borders

on her clothes.

I spent most of my childhood in grandma’s house and stayed with my grandma

until I started to go to 1st grade. I have a warm comfortable feeling whenever

I think about her. ...view middle of the document...

All our family love her food. She has lots of

collections of cooking books, and has her own secret recipes. She always says,

“I just cook food, because I want my family to enjoy and want to see them smile.”

I remember one time, our entire family gathered around in my grandma’s house.

We were celebrating festivals that day, she cooked all kinds of food .That time we

had a dog and a cat in my grandma’s house. After every body decided to eat we all

went to the kitchen . Our kitchen was kind of separate form other rooms and had an

access from outside too. As we were about to approach inside, my grandma started

screaming, all started running towards kitchen and noticed all the dishes and food

were all over on the floor. The funny part was that our dog and cat were

enjoying my grandma’s food too. My grandfather started joking, “look honey,

what happens when you cook delicious food, even your dog and cat can’t resist.”

That day I saw my grandma got very upset because she said, ”my grand kids are

hungry now.”

She is still active on her daily life, goes for power walking daily but doesn’t like

to walk slowly, walks like a young twenty years old. She walks with...

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