Michael Novak "Television Shapes Our Souls"

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Michael Novak’s “Television Shapes Our Souls”

We can all agree from Michael Novak’s “Television Shapes Our Soul” that television does influence our minds just as books, school and parenting does. A reason why it affects us individually is because of today’s vast variety of different programs on primetime television. All of us want to know what is out there in the world that we are not able to experience in our own regular lives. For example, we want television to inform us and educate. We can retain this valuable information and expect it to be there every time we tune into the specific program or channel. These programs have ...view middle of the document...

Educational programs have a complete different pace, that being a slower narration. This guides the audience and makes Television more appealing than having to read a boring book or listen to a lecture. Thus television becomes our teacher.
Are reality TV shows real or fake? At this moment, reality TV shows are in their primetime and more popular than ever. I think of them as a way to know how other human beings or even animals interact in the supposedly real world, but I believe these shows are as staged as any other show. With that being said, as Novak stated” just like instruments, TV works from outside to inside”. With that being said, viewers can watch reaction of other people in various events, thus actually affecting us how we interpret or think about a similar situation. From what we see in people’s reaction in the outside might effects on what we think internally, basically shaping our soul and growing in us. Show such as The Real World and Jersey Shore are perfect examples. Teenagers would be the most influenced from these shows but still nonetheless, people from any age or background will tune to the show just to see how they interact in a daily basis. When I watch Jersey Shore, I want to get together with my friends and party all night long. Knowing the show is somewhat fake and staged, it still has an effect on people.
Everybody loves sitcoms! Either a black humorous comedy or a lifetime women show, we all have a favorite one and they surely vary in styles and plots. But who are the writers of these famous sitcoms? Do they account for all cultures and type of people? They definitely don’t account for everyone, and is actually a small circle of people that control all the storylines and create a TV culture in our nation. A good example is Saved By The Bell TV series, where young teenagers seemed to be always having real life problems, creating a certain culture of what school is supposed to be for them. In reality they barely study or do any type of chores that a normal teenager would have to do. This shows how television can shape the souls of teenagers who identify themselves with...

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