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Micro Strategies’ Document Management Solutions For Regional Banks

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Micro Strategies’ Document Management Solutions for Regional Banks meet the unique requirements and challenges of the Banking Industry. Regional Banks continue to look for ways to cost effectively process inbound paper and electronic documents. These firms are also looking to manage the access, control, and use of documents created and stored within numerous repositories throughout their organization. Regional Banking industry trends, including consolidations and the desire to centralize operational functions, have forced many financial institutions to seek ways to reign in the costs and inefficiencies associated with disparate document processes.
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Companies not only need to accurately process large volumes of customer-based documents, information and forms with less staff and expense, but they also need to secure, monitor and audit these documents according to industry and government regulations. In addition to corporate governance regulations that apply to all public companies, such as Sarbanes-Oxley, the financial services industry faces additional regulations that apply to records management and electronic communication, such as SEC Rules 17a-3 and 17a-4, NYSE Rules 342 and 440, and of course Dodd Frank. The data capture, content management and business process management products that Micro Strategies’ deploys on behalf of our customers are used to assist with these regulatory compliance requirements.

Business Solutions for Financial Services
Micro Strategies designs, builds, develops, tests, deploys and supports document-based applications using ‘best in class’ content management software with a focus on achieving our client’s compliance, financial and operational goals. The software and repository can be on-premise or in the cloud, and provides all the...

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