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Microbiology Experiment Essay

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Write an essay on Evidences of Vegetation Dynamics.
Vegetation dynamics refers to the changes that occur in the composition and structure of vegetation. The plants grow and change in their forms and arrangement and this affects the shape and composition of the vegetation there is competition and seasonal modifications among plants. This however creates different appearances in the vegetation from time to time. There are five types of vegetation dynamics and these are seasonal, succession, fluctuations, regeneration and zonation. Some of these changes that occur with these types of vegetation ...view middle of the document...

Written records are also another evidence of vegetation dynamics but this type has some form of documentation. Technocrats like geographers, ecologists, physicists etc studied, researched, took pictures and wrote down information of vegetations from time to time which served as evidences which have been kept as records. However, modern methods of documenting vegetation include remote sensing using satellites and computers. This type of evidence is safe and even uses advanced technology in the form of documentation. Many generations to come will be able to identify with such documents and know the type of vegetation that occurred at a place many years ago.
Another evidence of vegetation dynamics is known as dendro-chronology which deals with the age of trees and plants. As such, the growth rings of matured or cut down trees are studied by scientists to know the age of such trees. Through this, scientists know the time the trees might have evolved or the seral stages that might have taken place. Another observation that could be made to obtain some evidences of vegetation dynamics is through the observation of seasonal changes that causes the plants. These changes cause plants to show different growth habits. The transverse section of plants also depicts the growing pattern of the tree.
Fossil fuel and sub fossil remains of plants preserved in soils or rocks especially during landslides are also another type of vegetation dynamics. This natural act enables plant species of certain periods to be known. Sub fossils can be however be found in areas rich with the growth of mosses. Peat (hard carbon) occurs where water cover and high temperature prevents the total decomposition of floral remains. During these excavations, pollen grains, spores etc can be analyzed in the laboratories.
Zonation which is a type of vegetation dynamics also shows some evidences of vegetation dynamics. This involves the successions that could occur in the glaciers, deserts or the coastal habitats. In water, roots of early plants collect soil and raise the soil level which creates a new microhabitat. As such, the previous plants move lower into the water to maintain their environmental conditions....

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