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Microcontroller Based Electronics Project Essay

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     Here is a 8051 microcontroller based electronics project. This demo project explains how to make a car parking system automated. Here, there is a multi floor parking system, and a lift will take your car to the appropriate parking area depending on the cars that are already occupied in the system. Use some cardboard sheets to make the building and take some toy cars to have a demo!
             Automatic multi-stored car parking system is very good substitute for car parking area. Since in modern world, where space has become a very big problem and in the era of miniaturization its become a very crucial necessity to avoid the wastage of space in modern, big companies and ...view middle of the document...

Maximum storage capacity of each floor is given as ten. Storage capacity can be changed according to the requirement.
            Any one can enter to first or second floor. The third floor in this model is for VIP’s only. Therefore when VIP’s are to be entering they are expected to enter their password and they will be taken to the third reserved floor. The password will be of 4 digits. The processor checks for the password entered and if it is found to be wrong, a siren is heard. In this particular model 10 passwords are stored. So when a password is entered, the processor checks for it and it is compared with 10 passwords. It indicates whether it is the correct one or not.
           When the car enters the lift, the LDR detects its presence and sends a signal to glow RED LED indicating that the lift is busy. It also sends a signal to motor which makes the motor to rotate. After RED LED glows the lift will take the person and the car up to the floor where the space for parking is available. (For VIP it will be the third floor). When the lift reaches the first floor, the processor compares  the filled amount to that of the already fed capacity of that floor, and if it finds that the first floor is fully filled , it goes to the second floor and thus the procedure stops here. As soon as a car is placed in a particular floor, the display counter at the ground floor increments as to indicate the floor capacity has decreased by one. After the lift places the car in a particular floor, it comes back to its normal position and that time, the motor that drives it , also stops. Now processor sends signal to glow GREEN LED indicating that lift is free.
            When a person needs to come down from a particular floor to ground floor, he is expected to focus the headlight onto the LDR placed in that floor. Now sensor section sends signal to motor that the lift has to be send back to that particular floor and sends a signal to glow RED LED indicating that the lift is busy. As soon as the lift reaches that particular floor car should come inside the lift, the display counter at the ground floor decrements by one as to indicate the floor capacity has increased by one. Lift comes back to its normal position and that time, the motor that drives it , also stops. Now processor sends signal to glow GREEN LED indicating that lift is free.
            If there no parking taking place, the processor carries out the job according to the following priority:-
        1.  It checks whether any password is entered.
      2.  It checks whether any car is entered to lift.
      3.  It checks whether any car headlight is pressed in front of  LDR placed in each floor.
It is like a round robin system.
Following are the main sections in this model.
    1.   Display section
    2.   Keyboard, indicator & Beeper section
    3.   Lift & motor section
    4.   Sensor section
    5.   LCD section
    6.   Software program

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