Microsoft And Nokia Essay

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Microsoft and Nokia
On 4 September, today, the Wall Street journal published a commentary, the real reason that Microsoft acquisition of Nokia is retiring Ballmer could not be left to the successor is not a smart mobile phone strategy microsoft. The paper points out that, currently on the market more than 80% of the Windows system of intelligent mobile phone is designed by Nokia and Microsoft and Nokia, the cooperation agreement will expire in 2014. Once the Nokia recovery of mobile business ambitions, Microsoft will completely lose the intelligent mobile phone market foothold.

Earlier, Microsoft vowed in 2018 the WP system's market share increased to 15%, but according to the latest ...view middle of the document...

The main reason behind the deal was, if the lack of financial strength, Nokia may never be able to win in the competition. Strategic cooperation agreement Nokia and Microsoft will expire in 2014, but it is difficult to find the reason to continue to invest in Nokia mobile phone business, Microsoft is facing at this time. Nokia once recovery mobile business ambitions, Microsoft will lose it in the intelligent mobile phone market foothold: Windows system of intelligent mobile phone more than 80% of the market is by Nokia design.

Microsoft said, by 2018 it in intelligent mobile phone market share will reach 15%, said this means that Microsoft acquisition of assets value than the actual price paid twice as high.

But it needs to increase market share. Strategy Analytics data shows, in the year to June, the global intelligent mobile phone 75% is equipped with Gu Gean's Android operating system, Apple's iOS system 17%.

Average level since 2010, despite the Nokia Lumia equipment sales in good condition, but the Microsoft Windows operating system market share only 3%. In view of the fact that to attract developers to develop Windows application program Microsoft far less than Google and apple, so it is difficult to imagine the Microsoft Windows system share in the global intelligent mobile phone market to grow four times as much. The application is the key factor to attract the intelligent mobile phone consumers. In the field of personal computer, the mass of Windows compatible software help Microsoft established dominance. But in the field of intelligent mobile phone, software developers have to rush to meet the needs of Android and iOS.

Microsoft needs to expand market share to attract the attention of software developers, but also the need for developers to help Microsoft increase market share. As the egg, the chicken egg problem solving, Microsoft can be rational allocation of the huge financial resources. But Microsoft to gain momentum only real, marketing strength is not enough.

In addition to the lack of application developer support, Strategy Analytics Neil Mawston, Microsoft also depends on the internal "glacier like pace of development". Mawston points out, for example, in the high-end intelligent mobile phone field,...

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