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Microsoft Vs Apple Essay

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Marqus Miller
English 101 (7074)
Assignment: Comparison Contrast Essay
November 8 2013

Two Sides of the Same Coin

In this day and age we have a vast need for computers. Computers come in all forms and brands made from different corporations. The most famous of all are Microsoft (Windows) and Apple (Mac). Both brands of computer are different in its entirety but offer quite a variety. Microsoft offers a different variety of high end computers at a low cost while Apple offers costly high end computers. Microsoft focuses on the look and technology of a computer while Apple focuses on just the technology and not much on the look.
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inc” it was named “Apple” The name changed when they started making phones and other consumer electronics in 2007. Apple started off as a software company and worked their way up to hardware. They have contributed many things to computers like their Apple Lisa then a little later he took over the Macintosh project and from there they started to put together their own computer empire. In that empire it now has products like the newly released iPhone 5s, MacBook Pro or the iPad Air. The advantages of having a Mac computer, like it’s unique computer with a sleek fast device, with a great design and it is capable to self-maintain. The disadvantages are it’s pricey. Mac doesn’t have much software to support their computers; also a Mac isn’t well versed as Windows.
Microsoft started in the early 1970’s founded by Paul Allen and Bill gates; it wasn’t yet called Microsoft, it was “Traf-O-Data” instead. They started with a rudimentary computer that tracked and analyzed automobile traffic data. In 1975 Gates and Allen formed Microsoft and started...

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