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Microsoft Word Essay

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Psychology of Motivation 101 |
Ways to learn how to study |
Learning to take tests |
6/5/2011 |

Finding ways to take exams can be hard. The key is to know the information to the best of your ability. Study hard, but don’t just settle for one way experiment with different kinds of methods so you get a variety of angles to your study time. |

Finding a way to study is a task every student faces. Preparing for exams does not have to be stressful if students give themselves time to study. Learning to take tests begins at an early age, as early as pre-school in some cases. Long before a student sits down to tackle an exam he should prepare for it. The best time to start preparation is the very day of class.
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Determining the best memory techniques to use for individual learning styles can help with information recall for the test. Review and rehearse all the materials learned until confidence is achieved.
Tools, such as: class notes, reading notes, chapter questions, note cards, mind maps, flash cards, checklists, and summaries can be most useful for studying. Studying with a group is also a good way to compare information with others to ensure that everyone is on the same track. Groups also help determine which questions need to be shared with the instructor. Understanding the material is essential.

Taking tests, or being evaluated, is a part of life. Even capable students find that certain tests undermine their confidence. A positive attitude is essential when alleviating anxiety before and during exams. Test anxiety has been a huge hurtle that we all try to overcome. I have found that being prepared and avoiding Crash study sessions has helped me the most.
I am an auditory learner and so I prepare for tests by taking many notes in the classroom and then putting the points of interest on note cards, and then I transfer them on to a tape recorder. I listened to the tape recorder when standing in lines, waiting, or lying in bed at night and that helped me a great deal. Going over all materials given in class by the instructor or from the text books are ways to keep things fresh and alive in the brain.
I hate taking tests as much as the next person, I will not deny that. Being prepared to the best of your ability is crucial. Preparation increases the chances of getting that high score and increases my knowledge of the material. I look at taking tests as stepping stones into my future. They may be obstacles in a sense, but they prepare me for my career and will help guide me to the future of my dreams.

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