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Microsoft Word User Manual Critique Essay

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Critique of Microsoft Word User Manual
A good introduction is the key to writing a book, an essay, and a user manual. I like reading the Microsoft Word 2007 user manual because it begins with an introduction to the authors that contributed to the user manual, sharing their fields of expertise and experience in technical writing. An introduction like this gives the reader assurance that the content of the manual really comes from the people with much experience in the area and the user manual will be as useful as they hope to expect. The manual also describe about the new features in Microsoft Word 2007, when you first launch the program, you can already tell that Word 2007 is more visually pleasing, but this section goes beyond the obvious make over to describe new and different features from ...view middle of the document...

I think I may have just missed it because the manual is very. But if the explanations for those terms are not really in the manual, then it is something that I would highly recommend to add in the next version of the user manual.
The Microsoft Word 2007 user manual is an excellent guide for everyone who wants to learn more about the program beyond the type and print. The manual also explains how to add commands to your quick access toolbar, as we all know that they changed the design layout for the 2007, and it is not the same as the 2003 anymore. Everything in the manual is broken down into detail step by step as you read them. However, it will take a while to finish reading the whole user manual but you can be sure that you can get it right the first time, rather than guessing on your own. Their use of visual aid is very good. The screenshot of every step is very clear and the labeling is also easy to understand. The only downside about their use of visual aid is that they do not have enough. Some people can follow the manual without pictures but for others, pictures do help more than just words. I like to see more images to help me understand more. The layout of the manual is pretty much similar to many other user manual books that we see every day. I don’t think the layout needs any improvement because it is already well constructed.
In conclusion, the Microsoft Word 2007 manual is very useful. Although I have been using Word for quite a long time, I still learned something new when I read the new user manual. After reading this manual, I now realize how much can be done with this software, so many things I could’ve used to make my work easier in the past I now know I will be able to apply to make it easier in the future. A great manual that I know I will refer to in the long run.

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