Mid Term Case Study

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Mid term case study
Lael Matthews is facing an ethical dilemma issue. She need to decide which of three managers to promote. Each manager has their advantage and disadvantage own, and Lael’s superior has his or her own preference and concern as well. Lael have to make a decision that is moral, and hopefully can satisfy all the parties involved.
According to the article, “Thinking Ethically: A Framework for Moral Decision Making”, developed by Manuel Velasquez, Claire Andre, Thomas Shanks, S.J., and Michael J. Meyer, there are five different approaches to values to deal with moral issues, which are:
The Utilitarian Approach: the ethical decision should provides the greatest good ...view middle of the document...

Below is the list of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT Analysis) of each of the three options:
High energy level
Not done very well in school.
Mediocre performance ratings.
Has some difficulties in managing her staff.
She could be the first African American female manager at this level.
Public relations division believe that promoting her would be a tremendous boost for the company.
Advantageous to Lael’s immediate supervisor.
Liz’s daughter has been in an accident, promotion could help solve Liz’s financial problem.
No external conditions which could do damage to her.
Worked in the company for 20 years, and has 30 years experience in the industry.
Graduated from a private university in the top half of his class.
Good managing skill, everyone like him.
57 years old.
Low energy level.
He has always been a steady performer, with mostly average ratings.
Many in the company fell he has earned it.
Has been passed over before is his refusal to relocate, but that is no longer a problem.
Top sales performers in the past.
One senior manager suggested to promote him.
He is old and might retire soon.
Quang Yeh
High energy level, nothing would stop her from reaching her goals.
Great performance.
Graduated from a state university in the top 3% of her class.
Worked in the company for 3 years only.
Poor management skill.
Engaged to an upper-manager’s son.
“She looks like a rising star” the upper-manager said.
Her very meticulous management style, which has generated some criticism from her sales staff.
She sued her previous employer for discrimination.
Loss of some older accounts that for some reason did not like dealing with Quang.

Lael is looking for a right person to be a upper level manager. Candidates must have good management skill, experience in working and dealing with company’s problem, and excellent communication skill.
Quang Yeh did not have good management skill. She was unable to coordinate with her coworker, and she loss of some older accounts that for some reason did not like dealing with Quang. Even she has high energy level and performance, but it is not good enough because the company is not just looking...

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