Midsouth Chamber Of Commerce (A): The Role Of The Operating Manager In Information Systems

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1. Define what is encompassed in the term Information technology?
Information technology (IT) is the use of any computers, storage, networking and other physical devices, infrastructure and processes to create, process, store, secure and exchange all forms of electronic data.

2. What are some of the ways that IT has become “pervasive”?
Technology has become more and more pervasive in today's world. Cellphones . . .We are doing more and more with these little devices. We shop on them, we watch movies and videos, we monitor our finances, we get directions, we socialize, we manage our relationships, we meet people through them and on and on the list goes. ...view middle of the document...

Virtual Portals and Teams – Employees can use them to connect to other in the organization who may be working on similar projects or seek out advice from experts, no matter where they are located.
Break the Monotony – While employees are assigned tasks according to their level of skill and training, the work could still feel rather monotonous and result in lower productivity if it is the same day in and out.
The Right Tools and Equipment –the best equipment and portable technology, as expensive as it may be, will help your staff be more efficient. Electronic equipment that is not on its last legs will ensure time is not wasted and tablets and laptops allow staff to be portable when needed. Time Management Skills Are A Requirement – it will help them identify and manage daily tasks. They will pick up essential tips on how to prioritize workloads and give them the feeling of greater control.

4. What kinds of IT can help support team members work at different locations?
Virtual Teams/Virtual Collaboration

5. How have some businesses used the Internet to compete based on low cost, product/service differentiation, or both?
Product design is important to companies that use cutting-edge technology. Intel is able to keep microchip processor prices down by continually improving product design that utilizes advancements in the field. Reengineering is used by companies that are able to cut costs by redesigning and creating improvements to their products, such as Apple. A company that finds ways to make its technology better and more affordable will find success. Finally, some companies create a new delivery method for their product or service, resulting in large cost savings that they can share with their customers. Many airline companies have installed self-check-in kiosks and supermarkets now offer self-checkout lanes.
If a company's product or service has a valuable, unique offering for its consumers, then loyalty and product/service differentiation can occur. Cost competitive advantages can easily disappear with the introduction of a new competitor or new technology.
6. What kind of business might choose to have low levels of dependence on IT?
Some organizations may still use IT primarily for back-office support but rely heavily on person-to-person communications to operate their business. Professional service organizations in particular may choose to keep their front-office person-to-person communications, and law and medical professionals may choose to have minimal usage of information technology. [Note: For paper-based physician practices in the U.S., there are federal government incentives (HITECH Act passed in 2009) to become more digitized, including electronic transmission of patient data for referrals and lab tests, etc.]

7. What three types of IT resources need to be managed well?
The textbook emphasizes three resources (based on Ross et al. 1996):
Technology InfrastructureHuman ResourcesBusiness/IT...

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