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Midsummer Nights Dream Puck The Protagonist

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Midsummer Night's Dream- Puck the Protagonist?

In this essay I am going to explore the reasons as to why Puck is such an important character in the play a Midsummer's nights dream, and explain how his spirit seems to dominate the whole mood of the play.
Puck first appears in Act 2 of the play.
Puck is the most important fairy aide to the king of faries Oberon, he is introduced into the play by a fairy as Robin Goodfellow because people wanted to stay on his good side since he was so mischievous, she refers to him as a “...knavish sprite, called Robin Goodfellow.” p 33 lines 16-17.
Puck being introduced in this way helps the audience to know a bit about how mischievous and naughty he can be before we see him do anything in the play, he is preceded by the reputation he has made for himself.
Puck seems to regard himself as a sort of jester to the fairy ...view middle of the document...

This is a very important part of the play as it sets the wheels in motion for the rest of the story to take place.
Oberon also tells Puck to administer the love potion to sort out the problems of the young would-be lovers Helena and Demetrius but he mistakenly gives it to the wrong person, this being Lysander.
The way Puck speaks is called poetic verse, and he often refers to the natural world “through bog, through bush, through brake, through brier,”p 49, line 26, this is also Puck using alliteration to make his point.
Puck also uses a lot of imagery in when he talks, “ swifter than the arrow from the Tartra's bow,” p 56 line 11.
Puck is extremely important in the smooth running of the story, he helps to instigate the main events i.e. putting the love juice in the lovers eyes which in turn creates the events that unravel during the course of the play.
In my opinion Puck ii the main instigator of the key events of the play, also his humour and comical side helps to make the play thoroughly more entertaining than it would be without him in it.
Also at the end of the play he does a sort of rounding up, a speech to say that life will go on as normal and no lasting harm will come to any of the plays characters, a sort of apology in sort, he says “I f we shadows have offended, Think but this (and all is mended)” P 91 line 1-2.
Pucks closing speech echoes the remarks of Theseus when he talked about illusions earlier on in the play,
The speech is written in rhyming couplets which really helps it to flow well and sound more magical and mysterious, “theme.. dream..Puck.. luck”.
So in conclusion I believe that Puck is a crucial element to the ongoing story of the play because without him none of the mischievous fun that is so entertaining would have happened
Also his light hearted, sarcastic humour seems to set the whole mood of the play to one which is both humorous but at the same time can be slightly a dark kind of humour.

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