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Migi Moreno As A Representative Of His Constituents

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​Migi Moreno, one can mistake him for a total nerd with his rectangular glasses and happy-to-serve smile always gracing his usual appearance. He is a man of average height, but not of average dreams. His main vision for the academic year is for the USG to “refocus on its role as representatives of the students.” Migi Moreno does not believe in the role of a student leader as a person who only commands a group of people. He believes that he, as a student leader, is there to represent his followers.

​Jose Miguel “Migi” V. Moreno, a senior PSM-LMG (Bachelor of Arts major in Psychology and Bachelor of Science in Legal Management) student, is this year's De La Salle University Manila ...view middle of the document...

” It is in the university where a student finds how he or she can contribute to the society.

​The university, to Migi Moreno is a “microcosm of society”. Whatever action done in the university greatly influences and affects the society. “To be the change that we want to see” is a challenge that most student leaders face. Current government leaders sometimes would not exude the characteristics of the ideal leader. The university is a place where every student can form himself and practice being the ideal leader, the change that everyone wants to see.

​Migi Moreno sees the university as a canvas and the students as the painters. So the question would be, “If the university is our canvas and we are the painters would we choose to paint an image that would merely reflect what society is right now? Or do we paint an image that would exhibit the changes that we want to see in society?”

​Leading a diverse group of people, with different identities and purposes in life, is a challenge for the University Student Government President, but given his leadership experiences, Migi Moreno believes that he has a broad outlook of many student sectors in the university. It is a challenge for the student body to be one in terms of efforts and initiatives. It is through an open form of communication that the DLSU-M USG is still remains intact and acts as one.

​Every leader wants to leave a legacy behind...

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