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Indonesian holistic therapy doctor. He told me that putting peanut butter mixed with grated ginger on your temples can relieve migraines because the body absorbs the Arginine and Magnesium allowing your blood vessels to release. Leave this mixture on for three hours and it will relieve your migraines for a week! This is the only thing that has ever worked for me.
Usually get migraines. Apply grated ginger/ ginger paste on your forehead and lie down for 15/20 mins. Works for me!
I would ask him to pull my hair at the base of my neck upward to release the pressure. He got kind of tired of doing that every month so now, I have a back massager and I massage my neck, jaw, ears and ...view middle of the document...

Every time I get a headache now, I take my script, plug in my massager and I am relaxed and in less pain. Enough to make me fall asleep in 15-20 min. This is a weird one, but try it, it really works!!
It may sound humurous but trust me on this one. Lay in a dark, cool & quiet room. Place a bananna peeling on your forehead. Close your eyes and within minutes you will start to feel the pressure diminishing. It has something to do with the potassium in the peeling.
Peppermint oil or any peppermint lotion on the temples, head, neck and anywhere there is tension works great and swear by it. i have had migraines for many years and have tried almost everything there is to try but this one the one thing that i got almost instant relief without having to lie down and there went the rest of my day because of a migraine. But everyone is different but hope this does help someone.
The 'top things that work for u:
1. Breathing technique (breathe in to the count of 7, hold for the count of 7, and release to the count of 7; and do it 7 times) - being sure to use diaphragmatic breathing
3. Gel ice packs (which are inexpensive and quickly freeze in about 15 minutes) on the neck and forehea
. Avoiding caffeine altogether - to stop the rebound effect of it
Tang Kuei Four Combination - tea that comes in a powder or capsule form, taken with water
Computer posture correction - sit back (preferably on a back support - I use the Back Joy from www.backjoy.com); take breaks and stretch; adjust the height and tilt of your monitor, as well as its brightness and contrast. ne

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