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Military Communication Essay

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Internal Military Communications Platforms 1
Introduction 1
Reasons for use and Examples 2
External Military Communications Platforms 3
Introduction 3
Uses of External Military Communications Platforms 4
Bibliography 6

Military communicate to both internal and external users of information. Internal users are the individuals in the military or other agencies that are associated with safety, external users are the general public. In modern military battlefield the situational awareness sharing is increasing rapidly, command and ...view middle of the document...

Traditionally the purpose-built platforms had a long development cycles and they are replaced by commercial off the shelf systems that have shorter developments cycles and can respond quickly to threats and are much cost effective to build. Effective Internal platforms ensure that there is effective control and command, in cases of compatible devices and networks it results to better communication e.g. by use of net radio systems which is compatible between nations to replace the analogue radio systems.
It’s a common aspect of every military to have an efficient and effective internal communication. The platform used must be able to deal with technical data and data transfer, this is possible if it has a computerized broadband, integrated services and can incorporate voice, data and video. Survival in war front depend on internal communications hence the platform must be self-healing to ensure continuous operation (Juarez, 2005).
Reasons for use and Examples
• Intelligent networking
The architecture of networks improves how data is shared and how the agencies collaborate. This ranges from sharing of footages to sharing of commands and all this is possible by a correct IP environment. Data management is very important and to effectively make good decisions it is important to integrate decisions from other sources. Use of architectural platforms such as SONA (service oriented network architecture) they focus on the networking environment to provide an integrated platform. This provide reliable, secure and predictable deployment which assist in optimizing and delivery of applications.
• Situational awareness
Instant messaging and web collaboration is the latest trend in the internal communication. With platforms such as personal communicators one can collect data such as availability of the second party for communication e.g. away online or offline, this will assist in integration of different multimedia interfaces and user directory to incorporate communication methods such as video conferencing and click to call services. IP interoperability unites the networks with public lines to provide transparent communication and assist in capturing information from other networks and deliver depending on the role and responsibility of the receiver.
• Clear communication ( noise reduction technology)
Improved efficiency is the main aim any communication. Improved collaboration assist in decision making and quality of information sent. In the digital intercom systems that are installed in vehicles help in retention of user reduced noise and reduces the fatigue and misunderstanding of commands. Examples include the Cobham's intercom systems that has passive noise reduction that reduces surrounding noises and allow flexible configuration.
External Military Communications Platforms
It is impossible to communicate as the world is globally interconnected and there are many social media platforms. Military by displaying its strategies,...

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