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regulation prohibits certain transactions, relationships and activities between Personnel and Initial Entry Training (IET) soldiers. It is intended to establish and provide a uniform policy for the treatment of soldiers undergoing IET at the United States (US) Army Quartermaster Center and School. This regulation applies to all IET & Permanent party attatched to any military instalation. Violation or attempted violation of this policy and regulation provides a basis for punitive action under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Traditionally, the Army has demanded a respect for authority by subordinate personnel towards senior-ranking individuals as a means of obtaining unquestioning ...view middle of the document...

Students. All military personnel (and their family members), whether Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine, or Coast Guard (other than IET soldiers) who are assigned/attached for professional training to include Marines who have completed Basic Combat Training here for other than initialMilitary Occupational Specialty (MOS) training. “Students” also includes members of the RC or NG on active duty for training and receiving other than initial MOS professional training. Also included are soldiers undergoing training for reclassification purposes. For purposes of this regulation “students” are considered permanent party. IET soldier. All Army personnel (and their family members) who are assignedfor initial MOS training. For purposes of this regulation, all IET soldiers are considered IET soldiers: until they become Fort Lee permanent party by being assigned permanently to Fort Lee, or; until after they actually depart Fort Lee for their permanent-party or other assignment, or; while in AIT Plus and Phase V+ status. d. Holdover. A “holdover” is considered an IET soldier and includes all: IET soldiers who have graduated MOS training but have not been permanently assigned to Fort Lee. Nongraduate IET soldiers who are in remedial training after course/cycle or who have been removed from training for administrative or medical reasons. *3. RESPONSIBI*LITIES. Commanders and directors of staff agencies or comparable responsible officials will establish procedures to ensure compliance with this regulation. 4. PROHIBITED PRACTICES BETWEEN FLP AND IET SOLDIERS. The terms “FLP” and “IET” soldiers includes the families of both FLP and IET soldiers. All prohibited conduct described in paragraphs 4a through 4d below applies to both FLP and IET soldiers. FLP and IET soldiers are prohibited from seeking or having social, financial, or business relationships with each other. FLP and IET soldiers are prohibited from accepting or requesting any gift, personal service, or other benefit from each other. FLP are also prohibited from hazing, mistreating, injuring, restraining, or denying any right of access to an IET soldier. The following prohibitions provide further guidance on relationships between FLP and IET soldiers. c. Prohibitions on Receipt/Request for Personal Services. FLP will not solicit or accept any personal service from any IET soldier. Such services include, but are not limited to, the IET soldier picking up or doing personal laundry or picking up any item for the FLP’s convenience, shining shoes, making coffee, and cleaning the FLP’s home, or car. This does not prohibit IET soldiers being required to perform police call, barracks or office clean up, and other such duties for the benefit of the Army. No IET soldier labor will be used to support fundraising activities of informal funds or family support groups/private organizations. d. Prohibited Personal Relationships. FLP and IET soldiers...

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