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Critical Factors

The major players in this case are George, Paul, and the company management. The case reveals three critical issues, two of them are organizational issues and the third one is related to human character and integrity. The critical issues are as follows: a) the company had lack of quality control system, b) the company had lack of inventory control and management system, and c) Paul showed unethical behavior and influenced George to follow the same. Detailed analyses of each of the critical issues are discussed below with appropriate references.

Quality Control
The company did not seem to have an effective quality control system in place. The night shift ...view middle of the document...

The focus of this paper was to provide a better understanding of the quality control procedures that were employed in the milk processing industry. A total of 255 dairy plant managers of Wisconsin were contacted and data was collected regarding the degree of implementation of various quality control practices in their own plants. The survey instrument was developed to assess managers' perceptions regarding the extent to which various quality management procedures such as, management style, employee training, and the influence of organizational structure on the quality of the product. The authors defined total quality management (TQM), “as a philosophy that emphasizes the attainment of customer satisfaction through an integrated system of tools, techniques, and training”. The food industry recognizes the fact that better quality leads to higher product reputation, increased market share, and higher profits and as a result TQM is well adapted in the food processing industry. Several interesting and effective quality control methods came out of this study and those are as follows: training employees in the biological and chemical sciences related to the specific product of interest, continuous quality monitoring of the raw materials and the feedback control system before it is processed, performing somatic cell count to test how healthy the cow was in order to ensure the prevention of passing on harmful diseases to consumers, performing bacterial tests to measure how clean the milk was (free from foreign elements such as dirt or straw), performing the chemical testing of the finished product, and finally, tasting of the final product.

Researchers Martin, Wiedmann, & Boor (2013), performed a study on possible causes of post-pasteurization contamination of fluid milk during processing and discusses the current approach to eliminate the possibility of contamination. The two major sources of milk contamination with spoilage bacterial are the farm and the processing plant itself. Spoilage organisms are abundant and ubiquitous in the dairy farm environment. They may enter the raw milk from soil, feed, manure, contaminated equipment, the cow, and farm workers etc. Although, pasteurization reduces the bacterial load significantly still some bacteria known as thermoduric bacteria can survive heat treatment and subsequently grow in refrigerated pasteurized milk. Additionally, Pseudomonas bacteria which produce a variety of flavor defects are common culprits of post-pasteurization contamination (PPC) in fluid milk processing environments. Some of the PPC bacteria form bio-films in processing equipment and protects both vegetative bacterial cells and spores from heat and chemical cleaning and sanitizing agents. The bio-film sometimes detaches and contaminates the final product. The authors Martin, Wiedmann, & Boor (2013), finally recommended a “Systems Approach” that requires research in the following areas:
a) sporeformer...

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