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Milton Model Categories Essay

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Psychology of the Mind/Body Connection

Milton Model Categories

Thomas M. Kavanaugh

Milton Model Categories

“List the additional categories that the Milton Model adds to the Meta Model categories, and give a very brief definition of each.”

1. Tag Questions – these questions act as “tie downs” of the information which precedes the “tag” portion of the question. By tying down the information which precedes the “tag” portion of the question, the focus of the conscious mind is placed on the “tag” portion of the question which allows the information in the sentence portion of the question to slip seamlessly into the nonconscious mind. My experience in using “Tag ...view middle of the document...

Conversational Postulate – These statements have contained within them, a command in the form of a “modal operator” to spring to action; even though the question only requires a “Yes” or “No” answer, the question seems to bypass the critical faculty of the conscious mind and triggers an action response from the nonconscious mind. An example would be, “Do you know what time it is?” The person asked this question will normally respond by giving the questioner the time of day.
5. Extended Quotes – As the listener focuses on the information contained in the quoted material an inward focus is facilitated that allows the material in the quotes to be absorbed by the nonconscious mind of the listener. An example could be: I once heard my instructor in NLP, Dr. Matt James tell me, and the rest of my entire NLP class, about a time when he was in a seminar with his father, Dr. Tad James, who was a student at the time, in a seminar being conducted by Dr. Richard Bandler, and Dr. Tad James made a comment to Dr. Richard Bandler that said: “You created NLP so you wouldn’t have to tell people that it was hypnosis; didn’t you?”
6. Selectional Restriction Violation – These are ill-formed sentences which ascribe feelings, or emotions, to an inanimate object, or an animal. An example could be: “My house feels protected by my Indian Statue because the Indian makes his presence felt!”
7. Phonological Ambiguities – These words sound the same and have different meanings which require the mind to go inside to comprehend the meaning of the words being spoken and thereby create the trance state. An example could be: “The hands/hands it to me.”
8. Syntactic Ambiguity – The ambiguity exists when the mind is challenged to determine from the context of a word what its function is. An example could be: “Moving weeds can be a problem.”
9. Scope Ambiguity – The ambiguity of context is achieved when there is confusion as to how much one portion of a sentence applies to another portion. An example could be: “I was reading last night without the covers on.”
10. Punctuation Ambiguity – There are three distinct types of ambiguities by punctuation. The first is the run-on sentence. And example could be: “As you deeply breathe out the excess energy in your body.” The second is improper pauses. An example could be: “As you begin to…ah…finish the… thought that you started…” The third is an incomplete sentence when you begin one sentence of thought; never quite finish it, and then go on to another completely different thought. An example could be: “As you begin to…ah…finish the… thought that you started…with it’s time to get going.”
11. Utilization – This process is based in part on sensory acuity, and being able to actively use, or utilize, those observations of actions or behaviors taking place at the moment to enhance the client’s trance...

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