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Challenge 2
A game to find out a person's age and how many coins they are carrying.
• Ask someone to double their age (either mentally or on paper) but, obviously, they must not tell you.
• Then to add 5 and multiply by 50.
• Finally, they must add the number of coins they have on them.   If they do not have any, nothing is added.
• They then tell you the final answer.
• Now all you have to do is take away 250.  The first two digits of the answer you are left with are the persons age and the last two the number of coins in their possession.
This works unless they are carrying over 100 loose coins.
Example -   25 x 2 = 50 + 5 = 55 x 50 = 2750 + 6 = 2756
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First write down your number on one of the sheets of paper. Fold your paper so that your friend can’t see it. Now give a sheet of paper to your friend. Tell him or her to think of a number and then write it down. But before he or she writes it down, tell him or her to have a three-digit number and have the largest number first then the smaller number and then the smallest number. For example: 742 or 971. Tell him not to let you see his number. Let’s pretend that the number is 861. Next tell him or her to turn the number around. The number would be 168. Now tell him or her to subtract the smallest number from the largest one. This would be 693. Now ask your partner to turn that number around and then the number would be 396. Now add them both together. This would be 1089. Now give him or her your paper and then watch his face when he sees that your number was 1089. The answer is always going to be 1089 so always write that number down. 
Name the Number [pic]
You’ll need a pencil and a piece of paper. Give them to your friend and ask him to think of a number between 1 and 10. Then tell him or her to write their number on the sheet of paper. Have him or her put the paper where no one can see it! Let’s pretend your number is 6. You have to double it (12). Then tell him or her to add ten to the answer (22) and then divide that by two (11). Now tell your friend to yell out his or her final number (11). When he or her yells out their number all you have to do is subtract 5 (6). The trick will work every time.  You have the simple job and your partner has the hard job. You can also use higher numbers than 10  such as 12 or 105.
Find the Dates [pic]
You will need two pieces of paper a pencil and another sheet of paper numbered from 1 to 31. Give the sheet of paper with numbers on it to your friend. Have him or her circle three numbers in a row. For example 17, 18, and 19. Now tell your friend to add the three numbers together. For example, 54. Tell him or her to write their answer down on a sheet of paper and give the piece of paper to you. All you have to do is divide the answer by 3. For example, 54 divided by 3 equals 18. The number you come out with will be the middle number. So now you add 1 to 18 (19) and subtract 1 from 18 (17). Now you can do this with any number.
                           More Info [pic]
With this trick you can tell someone their age the month that they were born in and the day they were born on. Now tell your friend to: 
1)   Write down the number of the month they were born on.
2)   Multiply by 100.
3)    Add the day of the month they were born on. 
4)  Multiply by 2. 
5)  Add 9. 
6)  Multiply by 5. 
7)  Add...

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