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Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Reaction Paper

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“Touch and be touched”

When watching television or flipping through a magazine, coming across many advertisements is part of the big whole. We live in a society where after watching a 60 second commercial, or even looking at a photo of Kate Moss modeling the new lipstick for Revlon, we automatically feel the need to buy. Commercials are essential to watching anything on television. The seller is trying to persuade the viewer that you will need this advertisement and this is the way to get it. Same goes with reading magazines, Cosmopolitan is a famous magazine all over the nation. Young teens to women are constantly talking about it or reading through it. Cosmopolitan differs from “sex and ...view middle of the document...

Corporations think that selling “sexy” is what everyone wants. But some just look beyond that.
When flipping through many ads and while watching different commercials, I wanted to display the NIVEA“A kiss of smoothness” chap-stick. In this ad in a Cosmopolitan magazine, there is a photo of a man and a woman coming close enough to touch lips. Why does a certain chap-stick have to be used in order to be kissed? This is their way of trying to get the consumer to need this product by advertising it in a sexual, intense way. The woman's eye are shut, while the man in the photo has his eyes slightly open. In small writing, there is a description of what the product does to your lips, “Women agree two to one that NIVEA a Kiss of Smoothness makes lips more kissable than the leading moisturizing lip balm.” This small description is trying to persuade that a study has been done by women agreeing two to one that NIVEA a kiss of Smoothness makes lips more kissable, how is the consumer supposed to know that the study was done, and if so, what were the results?, they don't. If a study was done, we want results. We want to see how it was experimented and who thought that this chap-stick defines “kissable lips”.
It is ridiculous to think that beauty is being defined by the measure of a woman's success. Products such as NIVEA, are making it alright for women to buy these things in order to feel a certain clarity for their man. NIVEA sells products other than chap-stick, anti-wrinkle crème is one of their most popular, it tries to convince women that they will look and feel younger after use. In order to look and feel younger, men will then have a stronger attraction, and when all of this is accomplished the success feels fulfilled. Success is also based on what the product does to your self-esteem. By using these products after the ad convinces you that you will be this new amazing person, they will then feel the increased confidence automatically. These products are to only make...

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