"Mine Honor Is My Life; Both Growing One; Take Honor From Me And My Life Is Done." What Does This Statement Mean? Write 250 Words Essay Interpreting This Qoute

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"Mine honor is my life; both growing one; Take honor from me and my life is done." This statement suggest that the honor is part of life without it people can't live. This quote is true because if the person doesn't have honor he/she is not considering as a human been. Nobody will respect or count with their opinion. The two pieces of literature that best illustrate this quote is the story "Scarlet Letter" and the novel "A "Streetcar Named Desire" by Tennessee Williams. Also both authors use the same literary device such as symbolism to reflect the quote.The book "Scarlet Letter" is about one woman who ...view middle of the document...

The author also uses literary device such as symbolism. The letter "A" that was on woman's body was in a red color and the red color symbolized with delinquent.The story "A Streetcar Named Desire" by Tennessee Williams the protagonists of the story named Stanley. He had raped his wife's sister named Blanche. While his wife Stella was in the hospital (she was going to have a baby), Stanley had raped blanche with such dishonor and disrespect. Referring to the quote the author strangest point is that honor is very important for the people because otherwise they begin to treat with such a scorn, embarrassment, and disrespect. Similar to the quote book "Scarlet Letter" by Tennessee Williams also uses the same literary element such as symbolism. When the author was describing Blanche for the first day wearing a "white rope" which symbolized purity and on the second day she was putting on a "red rope" meaning vulgar, guilty and all those bad commons that usually people symbolize with a color "red".One conclusion can be made from all the information above is that both authors are showing how honor is important in life, in which "white" is pure and honor, but "red" is guilty and disrespect. Two authors once again pointing this out that the "white"side (which is honor) is very important and people have to be careful with it.

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