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In today’s global environment, there are many obstacles that organizations must overcome. One of its biggest challenges is the rapid, never ending changes in technology. Technological advancement has collapsed time and space, opening all markets worldwide. Due to this progress, competition has reached extreme levels. In order to succeed, organizational leaders must be able to anticipate the future and transform their organization’s vision by embracing change and innovation. Likewise, it is essential that organizations employ leaders that possess expert strategic management skills.
Lack of leadership is detrimental to the success of an organization as was that of Circuit ...view middle of the document...

Critics suggest that Circuit City’s failure to revamp its image, increase its technological support and refurbish its stores and locations attributed to its failure. According to Shore, “The New York Times on January 17, 2009 suggested that they had too many stores, were guilty of choosing ‘cheap’ real estate to locate stores, and had laid off too many of the company’s most experienced sales staff. Customers, frustrated by poor technical support abandoned Circuit City…” (Shore, 2009, p 1). As a former customer of Circuit City, I personally experienced its inadequate customer service procedures. My Mother’s attempts to become computer literate influenced me to purchase a computer from Circuit City in 2006. Realizing she was a beginner justified the need for purchasing the tech support program offered by Circuit City. In 2007 we needed their help! Upon entering the store, it was evident that Circuit City was in trouble. In just a year, the selves were considerably depleted as well as their sales representatives. Much to my surprise, they did not honor their agreement to fix computer problems that arose. Frustrated with the absence of customer support, I went to Best Buy and purchased a new computer along with their tech support program. I was impressed with the layout and design of the store, as well as the exceptional customer service I received. Since then, I have utilized their services frequently and have purchased all my electronic needs from them. To put it bluntly, Circuit City lost a good customer.
The leaders of Circuit City did not take actions to increase customer service which is the essence of success for any company. Instead, they choose to change their...

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