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Mishap Plan Essay

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Aviation Unit Squadron Panama City, FL Mishap Plan

The relatively small naval aviation squadron called the “AV Unit” is located in Panama City, Florida at the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC). The command has a high visibility from the military, civilian and contractor world alike. As a result, they create an environment where emergency management a priority for each individual at the command. Like every aircraft squadron the Navy has, they have a plan in place to deal with emergencies. This will explore the AV Unit’s capacity to respond to an Aircraft emergency utilizing their “Mishap Plan.”
Many potential disasters can strike a test and evaluation squadron that uses Navy ...view middle of the document...

The Operations Duty Officer (ODO) will utilize a post in Maintenance Control. Maintenance Control personnel will determine which aircraft are out flying and attempt radio contact with any of those aircraft. If they cannot make radio contact with a suspected downed aircraft they will designate an aircraft to proceed to the last known area where the downed aircraft was conducting operations. If during the search there is no sighting or response from the suspected down aircraft Tyndall Air Force Base will be contacted to see if they can raise the aircraft on radar or by radio.
Once the validity of a mishap has been concluded the base security will be contacted and provided all the information including the caller’s name/rank, location of the mishap, and type of mishap. If the mishap is over water the Coast Guard would be notified and given the same information. If the mishap is over land the ODO will contact base emergency personnel to get ARFF personnel to the scene as quickly as possible. The ODO will maintain a log of every person and agency that has been contacted and note what actions are being taken along the way.
After determination of the type of mishap the Navy leadership needs to be informed of the severity of the mishap. If there is loss of life or damage in excess of $500,000 a Operational Report 3 (OPREP-3) will need to be generated in a timely manner. The two types of OPREP-3s are Pinnacle and Navy Blue. These two types of reports must be generated within the first 5 minutes after the initial response to this mishap. There will be a phone call and a message generated from the ODO to the Navy Command Center (NCC) and message traffic via the navy base communication center. There is also a list of “required to be notified”...

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