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Mission San Juan Essay

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Mission San Juan Capistrano is located in San Juan Capistrano which is in the southern part of California.
The mission was founded by Father Junipero Serra. Father Serra named the mission for St. John of Capestrano in Italy. St. John was a warrior priest of the 15th century. The mission was built twice because the first time, there was not enough water. The site of the mission now is closer to water. The mission was officially founded on November 1, 1776.

Mission San Juan Capistrano was built out of adobe bricks covered with an adobe mud. This mud is like “stucco”. The roof is of fired clay tiles. The mission is shaped like a quadrangle. The mission was built by indigenous natives, later ...view middle of the document...

The crops grew but then were famished due to the weeds. Cattle numbers declined because of disease to the herd.

After the earthquake of 1812, Mission San Juan Capistrano declined. John Foster, who purchased the mission for $710.00 in 1845, never really did much to preserve or save the remaining buildings. Preservation of the mission was started in 1895. In 1886, father St. John O’Sullivan became the first resident priest of the mission since 1886. Father O’Sullivan worked with his own hands, carving window frames, making beams, and uncovering and restoring items.

Mission San Juan Capistrano is located near the ocean. The land is perfect for the growing of grapes, which are used to make wine. The largest California pepper tree resided at the mission until it was felled in 2005 due to illness. The tree was planted at the mission in the 1870’s. The Cliff Swallow is probably the most famous thing talked about at the mission. The birds migrate to the mission each year. The swallows travel 6,000 miles from Argentina to San Juan Capistrano. The swallows have been making the migratory trek for centuries.

In 1812, California had a huge earthquake which ruined many buildings. The Mission San Juan Capistrano was harmed. The church bell tower fell into the church, carrying two young boys to their deaths. Mass had just started when the quake occurred and the parishioners panicked, trying to get out of the doors which had twisted in the quake and would not open. Those who followed the priests’ directions to go to the sacristy survived, others did...

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