Mississippi Burning: Blindness Within The Town

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The film centred around two FBI agents who sent to investigate the murder of 3 civil rights workers from New York during the 60s. They seek to violate the system of quietness in a small Southern town where tensions are high between blacks and red-necks. The FBI agents soon discover the secrets of the KKK in the small town.The most obvious 'blindness' in "Mississippi Burning" relates to Racism which occurs often ...view middle of the document...

Blindness occurs to the towns people who choose to ignore the KKK because it is known to them that if a word is spoken they would be hunted down. They knew that the African Americans were being persecuted, their houses burnt and their friends and families shot, beaten or hung from trees.The police could not be contacted as the sheriff and the deputy are members of the KKK. The African Americans have no rights within the community and all of them live in poverty outside the town in the country areas. The KKK believes they are a nuisance towards the community and should be flushed out. Members of the clan were ignorant, racist and simple minded towards the KKK and only believing in white supremacy. They possessed a mob mentality, not thinking of the consequences of their hatred and hideous actions.Agent Ward is blind towards the way of dealing with witnesses whereas agent Anderson was not. Ward was scared to provoke witnesses in the Mississippi ways however Anderson was always ready to step up independently minded Southerners because he knew the way of living there as he used to be a red neck sheriff himself.

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