Mistaken Identity Essay

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AUTORI: dr. conf. univ. Inga STOIANOVA

Discutată la şedinţa catedrei Filologie Germanică din 30.08.2012, proces verbal № 1.
Discutată la şedinţă Consiliului Profesoral din 30.08.2012, proces verbal № 1.

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Contents of the course:
Plot and plot structure (Mark Twain “Mistaken Identity”, R. Gordon “Doctor in the House”). System of Images (E. Hemingway “Old Man at the Bridge”, E.Heminway “Cat in the Rain”). Means of Characterization (Dorothy Parker “Arrangement in Black and White”, H. Lee “To kill a Mockingbird”). Tonal system (J. Cheever “The Pleasure of Solitude”, K. Chopin “ The Story of an Hour”). The Message of the Literary Work (K.Mansfield “The Lady’s Maid”, J. Thurber “The Night the Bell Fell”, E. Caldwell “Daughter”). Analysis of Poetry (R. Frost “Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening”, E.Poe “The Raven”., R.Kipling, “If”)

Bibliogrfaie selectivă:
1. Bantaş A. Manual de literatură engleză şi americană, Bucureşti, 1994
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Total number of hours: 120
Number of contact hours: 60
Credits ECTS:
Term: V -
Evaluation: exam
Audience: III-rd year students, Foreign Languages and Communication Sciences

Preliminary gnoseological and praxiological competencies: in order to study The Interpretation of the literary text , LA the students have to pass the set of fundamental specialized subjects of the first 2 years of learning English.

Interdisciplinarity: the course of The Interpretation of the literary text , LA is tightly connected to English lexis, grammar, stylistics, lexicology, civilization, history of English, theory and practice of translation.

The place of the subject in the plan of studying: The subject is a part of obligatory specialized ones. The course represents an introduction to the theory and practice of literary translation as well as to the lexico-stylistical interpretation of a literary text, which represent a special branch in the framework of language sciences. Being an introductive one, the course is recommended to the...

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