Mitosis And Meiosis: Two Different Forms Of Reproduction

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In order for ecosystem to continue growing, reproduction has to occur whether it is sexually, asexually, or both. “Reproduction, one of the basic characteristics of all life forms, may be accomplished by two forms of cell division, Mitosis or Meiosis” (Freeman). A cell can occur sexually by the process of Meiosis. The cell must have a stage that is diploid to be able to undergo meiosis. A cell can also occur by the process of Mitosis. Some species in our ecosystem have the ability to reproduce both sexually and asexually at different times in its lifecycle, such as the bread slime mold called Rhizopus.
The two forms of cell division are Mitosis and Meiosis. Mitosis occurs in the somatic ...view middle of the document...

This occurs at the cell plate in plants and at the cleave furrow in animals.
Meiosis is the most used form of reproduction in species consisting of two divisions producing gametes. Meiosis I and Meiosis II are the two divisions that each contain four cell phases. In prophase I, homologous chromosomes synapse and genetic recombination occurs and the centrioles move to opposite poles. The nuclear membrane breaks down and the cells are diploid. In metaphase I, the chromosomes line up at the metaphase plate and the cells are diploid. This event occurs just like in mitosis. In anaphase I, the homologous chromosomes pairs are pulled apart and moved toward opposite poles. This event is similar to mitosis and produces haploid daughter cells. In Telophase I, the cell divides into two haploid daughter cells, which is the same process as mitosis.
After Meiosis I, there might be a rest phase, called interkinesis, before Meiosis II starts. Meiosis starts right after interkinesis occurs. In prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase II, the cells are diploid and the events are the same as found in mitosis. At the end of all the phases of meiosis and cell division, four haploid daughter cells are produced.
There are many advantages, disadvantages, and differences between the cell divisions of Mitosis and Meiosis. Mitosis is where the cell reproduces asexually. It produces daughter cells containing diploid chromosomes by only one division. Mitosis occurs everywhere in the body and only body cells are involved. It is a simple process with only one parent that can produce large numbers without the trouble of finding a mate (Freeman). The more spores that are dispersed the more likely chance of survival of that species. The disadvantage of producing by mitosis is that it requires a stable environment because there is no variability to deal with the changes in the environment (Freeman). On the other hand, meiosis is more used form of reproduction used by species. It produces four haploid daughter cells that contain half the amount of chromosomes from the parent cells. This process involves only sex cells and has two cell divisions. The advantage of producing by Meiosis is that it gives variability to the offspring from the parents and increases the chance of diversity and adaptability of certain species (Freeman). The disadvantage of Meiosis is that it requires the need to find a mate, which can be a slow process and lots of energy. This could also needs numerous gametes to be...

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