Mixed Martial Arts Effect On Media And Politics

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 Mixed Martial Arts effect on the media and politics
The roar of the crowd cheering with impatient voices, the lights that shine bright everywhere, especially in the middle of the area where two humans will put their body, sweat and tears on the line. That’s the feeling that is inside an arena where the headline of the night is a match between mixed martial artists who have come to please the crowd. Its their job, but even if its all in a days work, they enjoy what they do because this is their dream, their lives, their home. Mixed Martial Arts is very popular but not so much when it first originated to be a full fledged sport. Many people thought of it as kind of like they ...view middle of the document...

Its popularity was increasing no doubt about it. Many became fans since the sports release and many became fans when the sports came to its best. Now the question came to everyone who knew of the sport: How long could it last and will it ever be considered to be a sport in full? Well we kind of know the answer now after 19 years when MMA came to become known in America but it wasn’t that easy to accomplish. In the review of the second UFC event, sports journalist Wally Paige in Newsday said the UFC was “the most disgusting, horrifying thing I`ve ever seen. Its basically taking cock-fighting and putting it in human form”. The human cock-fighting comment helped bring infamy to the sport and politicians found an easy scapegoats for attacks. Representing both of those facets was Arizona Senator John McCain. SEG was continuing to put on shows, garnering high pay per view and attendance rates, as well as a lucrative home video market. Senator McCain viewed one of the tapes and immediately joined the growing campaign against the sport. McCain spoke out against the sport at political rallies, as well as taking his argument to the press. Senator McCain wrote letters to governors of states that were hosting UFC events urging them to ban the sport. At this urging, MMA was banned in New York , only days before a scheduled event was to take place . After gaining popular support for banning of MMa, McCain attacked the sport from a good angle. McCain was the chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee which had oversight on the regulation of pay per view providers. One of the providers was TCI, who was a major outlet for the UFC event. Due to McCain`s influence , TCI dropped UFC from pay per view line ups, which took away 27 million pay per view buyers, and lowered the actual audience from what had blossomed to an average of 300,000 down to 15,000 per show. SEG reacted to the growing political and media pressure by the addition of rules...

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