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My Mnemonics
Parrish Flanders
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A mnemonic, or mnemonic device, is any learning technique that aids information preservation. Mnemonics aim to translate information into a form that the brain can retain better than its original form. Even the practice of just learning this conversion might already aid in the transfer of information to long-term memory. Commonly encountered mnemonics are often used for lists and in aural form, such as short poems, acronyms, or extraordinary phrases, but mnemonics can also be used for other types of information and in optical or kinesthetic forms. Their use is based on the ...view middle of the document...

With appropriate repetition of commercials, advertisers have discovered that when shoppers see their product in the stores that often the shopper will start reciting a repeated phrase from the commercial or start singing the lyrics to the promotion song. The results has been increased sales of the product (Coon). For me studying is a vice of staying calm and focusing, music is what keep me sane so when I feel nervous I either rap or sing to myself. For example 2 weeks ago during my psychology test when I was stumped and getting flustered I began to sing my favorite songs and calm down and that is when everything came back to me and I was comfortable which lead to me scoring an 80 on my test.
The information in an Image Mnemonic is constructed in the form of a picture that promotes recall of information when you need it. The sillier the Image Mnemonic is, the easier it is to remember the related information. These images may be mental or sketched into text and lecture notes. Visual imagery is a great way to help memorize items for some people. Imagery usually works best with smaller pieces of information. For instance, when trying to remember someone’s name you’ve just been introduced to (McCarty). I mainly use image mnemonics when driving or on a long rides to unfamiliar places to make landmarks so I can use those landmarks to remember how to get back home. I remember certain signs and mile mark numbers, as well as spots such as diners, gas stations, and fast food restaurants. I take all of these and images and store them in my short and long term memory to get back home.
In this type of mnemonic, the information to be remembered is connected to something already known. Connection mnemonics is taking something known universally and using it to an advantage of remembering something for example, “the direction of longitude and latitude is easier to do when you realize that lines on a globe that run north and south are long and that corresponds with longitude emphasize on the long. Another Connection Mnemonic points out that there is an N in longitude and an N in north. Latitude lines must run east to west, then...

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