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Mobile Optimized Middleware Essay

2765 words - 12 pages

Southwest Jiaotong University
Department of Information Security

姓 名 Amalachukwu Fredrick Egbuedike 学 号 10042016
导师姓名 和红杰 职 称 副教授
专 业 信号与信息处理
研究方向 数字水印
题 目 Mobile Optimized Middleware

I. Background and significance of research
II. Research target, content and problems to solve
III. Research method, technology, testing program and feasibility
IV. Current Solutions
V. Innovation
VI. Planning schedule, expected progress and expected results
VII. References
VIII. Appendix

I. Background and Significance of ...view middle of the document...

A recent survey of IT administrators at educational institutions sheds light on the shifting mobile device landscape, and on the challenges they face. Those challenges spring from a number of sources, including the migration of “personal” device platforms into enterprise settings, the popularity of multiple mobile operating systems, and the need to balance data and network access with data and network security. Not surprisingly, the security challenge ranks top of mind for most survey respondents.

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