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Mobile Technology In The Hospitality Industry

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1. Introduction
Smartphone application for hotels is the main idea for this report. This application allows user for a more convenience usage of the hotel, speeding up the check-in process and booking different facility in the hotel. This is the aim of this application. Therefore this report will find out if this application will be feasible in the use of the customers. This report will starts with the general information about different smartphone applications in the hospitality industry and estimate the usage of these kinds of application in the hotel. Then by clearly stating the methodology of the research, the researchers will straightly follow the methodology that been mention. After ...view middle of the document...

Once settled into room, during ancient times, it was inevitable that guests had to physically check with the service people for any untimely requests or comfort. Also, for food and beverages request and room service, guests had to inform reception or sometimes, hotel staff used to check with guest periodically on fixed timings. If guest had to enjoy extra facilities or leisure facilities like pool, sauna, sports etc., a formal booking at reception or corresponding facility’s desk was required and which was mostly done by physically going to reception and informing the authorities before-hand (Phillips, 1984). With the introduction of telephone and computer systems, the hotel communication got an advantage of utilizing technology to easy of their work. Also, guest had better and convenient way to place requests or order on urgent basis. The urgent and untimely requests from guests are now done by contacting reception or respective service desk over a telephone. Furthermore, the technology made it easy to record guest requests and orders and helped hotel to cater their clients in better way. However, these technologies are still completely dependent on the hotel’s staff operating the telephone or computer system. Hence, if the operating staff is not available at the desk, then there are chances of delay in request handling. And moreover, guest has no freedom of ordering services while sitting around at any corner of their hotel rooms and forwarding requests to authorized personnel without any extra manual or physical effort. Instead, today either guests are compelled to contact reception over telephone or by visiting the reception area. Overall, right from the beginning of guest cycle, that is, from checking in to check-out guests are highly dependent on hotel service staff to express their requirements or book a service. Advancement in the technology such as sophisticated in-room electronic devices, smart phone applications and wireless inventions has as answer to all these guests’ concerns mutually benefiting all the stakeholders involved. Having said that, one of the last businesses to accept computer systems for communications are hotel businesses. Now-a-days, the automated applications and communication solutions available are getting more and more refined, flexible and user-friendly. The growing number of hotels is keenly interested in implementing such kind of communication applications that would offer them extremely competitive edge over competitors and highest level of convenience to their guests (Chathoth, 2007). Now a days, hotels and resorts advances itself by efficient usage of expertise due to the fact that the huge volume of information needs to be managed and conversed. Moreover, the major product of hotel being a room for a night which is unpreserved and requires continuous checking and observing. Maintaining accounts of guests, performing reservations and managing rooms are few of the jobs that are gelling well with the...

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