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Mock Trial Essay

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Mitt Obama is a drug analyst at Health Canada Headquarters in Mississauga Canada, as well as an expert witness on drug usage and consumption. He is considered one of the most prestigious Forensics Expert in the field with 20 years of experience. Mitt Obama is a crown witness and is trying to prove to the court that this amount is impossible for a single person to use, and that this could only be used for trafficking, because if someone did consume this much cocaine they would surely die.

Examination of Mitt Obama (Nikola Paradina):
1. State your name
2. State your occupation (Drug Analyst)
3. So you are a drug analyst, does that title include expert knowledge of drug use and consumption? (Answer: Yes, it does)
4. What are your ...view middle of the document...

Judge: I deem you an expert witness
12. Were you ever in contact with a Ms. Devinney Do-Right (Answer: Yes, I was)
13. And did she give you 3 bottles of liquor? (Yes, she did)
14. What did you determine to be in those bottles of liquor? (I determined it to be liquefied cocaine, in which 2.835 litres of cocaine was being stored.)
15. Is this a regular amount of cocaine for an average user? (No, this is a much larger than average amount)
16. How much does an average user consume in a year, would you say? ( 35 grams, as last recorded from a study done the World Drug Report)
17. And could you do the math for us? How much is that in litres? (it is 0.035 of a litre)
18. So, by my calculation that’s over 81 times the amount the average user does in a year? (Yes, that is correct)
19. So to go through all of this cocaine as an average user, he would have to do use it for 81 years? Is that correct? (Yes, that is correct)
20. No further questions

Cross Examination of Mitt Obama (Nikola Paradina)
1. Theoretically, could a man use this much cocaine? (Extremely improbable, but theoretically yes)
2. Under what circumstance could a man use this much cocaine? ( if he gets high once a day, every day, for about 12 consecutive years)
3. And theoretically, could someone do that? (theoretically yes, extremely implausible)

Re- Examination
1. In your expert opinion is there a chance that this could all be used by one person? (No, I am almost certain there is not)
2. Why do you say that? (I say that because by looking at the figures, for the defendant to used such a large amount of cocaine, they would have been dead long before all of it would have been consumed)

No further Questions

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