Modern Agriculture And Society Essay

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Until about four decades ago, crop yields in agriculture depended mainly on internal resources, recycling of organic matter, built-in biological control mechanisms and rainfall intensity and frequency. At that time, agricultural yields were modest, but stable. Production was safeguarded by growing more than one crop. Inputs of nitrogen were gained by rotating major field crops with legumes. In turn rotations suppressed insects, weeds and diseases by effectively breaking the life cycles of these pests. Most of the labor was done by the family with occasional hired help.Now that farms have to produce in larger quantities in order to survive, rules have changed. We, ...view middle of the document...

It is an economical issue, just like in every industry. To arrive to be economically viable, we need to make use of technology available to us, sometimes without regards to the environment. Phosphorus is actaully the major problem in Quebec. Over fertilization led to a build up of phosphorus in our fields. For this reason, we now have to create fertilization plans. The goal of theses plans is to reduce the amount of fertilizer applied in fields. Manure management is also a top issue in the moment because of water contamination. Large dairy and swine operations produce large volume of manure which have to be spread every year. In order to avoid runoff ro leaching of this manure, a moment of application is suggested as welle as a method. During the growing season, the crop is supposed to make entire use of the nutrients coming from manure. If not, then build up happens and pollution. Pesticides become more and more controlled. With years, we learned how to apply less and in a better way. Monoculture is not a real problem in Quebec because wheater allows us to cultivate many types of crop. The climate breaks life cycles of many pests.In conclusion, modern agricultural structure and contemporary rules have certainly influenced the context of agricultural technology and production. This has led to environmental problems which are on the way to be solved. People now become to be concerned about resource-conserving practices. We know more than ever that this is the key for a long term profitability.

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