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Modern Day Luxury Essay

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Human kind has always felt the need to own luxurious items in order to show their social status. In Ancient Rome clothing was a symbol of status and power. The color purple was considered to be the most prestigious and the higher classes wore it to show their economic power. The reason for this prestige was that the most expensive dyes were used to produce the color purple. Therefore, the color became synonymous with wealth and power [Duffy, 2007]. Just as it worked in ancient Rome, people in modern societies have the desire to show their high social status. As the higher class in the Roman Empire did with luxuries, the higher classes today spend their money on brands rather than on the mere ...view middle of the document...

It can sometimes make people feel superior. According to the article “Why Some People Feel Superior To Others” written by Claire Coshan, sometimes people believe that having money makes a person better than others, looking down on poorer people. People show their social status with their luxury items. However, the way people recognize the brand is by its logo.

Each luxury brand has its own logo. The logo is the way to identify the brand. This is a very important to the consumer because it shows to the world what brand it is. Take Tiffany Co for example, its difficult to think about the brand without think about the blue box. The brands logo design shows an emotional attachment with the owner. The article “A Passion For Brands” written by Brand Loop states that logo designs make the consumer feel more passionate. For example, Apple computers make you feel more creative. Logos also helps you identify what types of people use the brand. If you see on TV a celebrity wearing a purse that says LV all over it, you know its Louis Vuitton because of its logo.

Celebrities have a huge influence in luxury brands. Brands use celebrities as advertisement in different ways. They can be used in commercials of the brand; on TV commercials such as Chanel’s “Chanel No. 5” perfume featuring Nicole Kidman or Matthew Mcconaughey with Dolce&Gabbana’s “The One” cologne. In magazines advertisement, like Madonna for Louis Vuitton, or Nicole Kidman for Omega. Other ways celebrities can influence are in movies and TV shows. “While many television shows like "Sex and the City" have captured the hearts of fashion's In crowd in the past, none have done so with the impact on the teen set and its emerging buying influence as "Gossip Girl" has”, says Gloria Baume, the fashion director of Teen Vogue. The movie Sex and the City has also set a fashion trend; on both Sex and the City, and Gossip Girl their has been appearances of famous designers, and fashion show events. When celebrities assist awards, they are constantly asked who the designer of their outfit is. This shows the designer to the world and how fabulous it looks on a person. Uche Okonkwo says in the article “Luxury Brands & Celebrities: An Enduring Branding Romance” that “Endorsement of luxury fashion brands by celebrities is a strategy that undoubtedly has great importance in the luxury goods sector. Although the short-term results are difficult to accurately measure, if managed effectively, this strategy often yields long-term benefits such as increased brand loyalty and brand equity, which ultimately translate to higher sales turnover and brand value.” Celebrities of course, like any other person look for the best quality in brands.

For a brand to be considered luxurious it has to have the best quality. This is one of the main reasons people buy the brand. The company offers the finest leather and fabric. People like to feel that they have the best. According to Conor Carroll, Kate Hurley & Ann Treacy...

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