Modern Energy Crisis Cause By Oil Companies

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Since the September 11th incident it seems that energy prices have skyrocketed. Not long ago gas prices were a dollar seventy-five, but now it is almost four dollars a gallon. These days gas and energy prices seem to be a weekly topic on local and national news. Every time there is some type of fluctuation, it causes chaos, because it is probably a difference of ten cents and sometimes more. So that raise you received, just throw it right out the window because it is not doing anything for you except paying your energy bills and putting a petite more amount gas in your tank. People point fingers in every direction searching for a scapegoat of this epidemic. Who is truly to ...view middle of the document...

?(Strong Economy) This is basically saying that it is not their fault, and that we are overwhelming them with how much energy that we consume. Oil companies think that since consumers are using more and more energy every year, they can jack the prices up, and then say that they have to because of the demand. But that is a lie and they know it. Because who makes the ultimate decision of how much they will charge for the amount of electricity you used this month, and who determines what the three little plastic numbers on the gasoline signs, that have so much meaning, will be? Oil companies?not the consumers. Oil companies are smart and do what they can to make more money because its business, even if it is at our expense. ?Oil companies are exploiting a tight supply-demand situation.?, ?They are making a bad situation worse.?(Brubaker) They are just taking advantage of a bad situation and trying to make themselves look like the victim, because that is who everyone feels sorry for. They want people to be on their side so that when fingers are pointed, none are coming in their direction. All in all, they are using the 9-11 incident and the gap between demand and supply as an excuse to increase prices. But everyone knows oil companies are full of it, including them.
There are two concepts of explaining the inside issue of the energy price crisis, profiteering and refining capacity. Profiteering is a term used to describe oil companies? exploitation of gas and energy prices, and refining capacity is a term used to describe the number of barrels of petroleum per calendar...

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