Module 1 English Case Essay

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Module 1 English Case
“Education begins at home and I applaud the parents who recognize that they - not someone else - must take responsibility to ensure that their children are well educated”. Ernest Istook Parenting, home life and socioeconomics are three main factors which enhance and impact student learning.
Good parenting and home life have an enormous effect on children’s education. Children at an early ages and also when they are in their teens learn from their parents and copy their parents’ behaviors and actions. Parents are often the only sources for kids to learn about the world surrounding them, they are their guides and their first teachers.
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They would tell the child to study if they wanted to. No forcing, it’s their choice. Uninvolved parents are not involvement in the child's day to day life and overall development. They do not care if the child is educated or not. They do not pay attention to their child’s life.
Parents should realize how their parenting styles influence their kids; authoritative parents have the best attitude towards their kids’ education and learning. They explain how and why education is important and they also participate in the child’s learning process.
Children are exposed to the world through their parent’s eyes and their behavior, healthy and happy home life has a huge impact on children’s educational progress and interests. The peaceful home where the parents and family love and support each other is a great place for a child’s development. Creating a studious, stable and friendly environment is very important. Reading, playing and spending time together, showing an interest in the child’s achievements and participating in the child’s life is the best way to encourage them to study and stay at school.
If the child is exposed to unhealthy habits; aggression and abuse it will have a negative impact on child’s behavior, their academic life and their whole life in general. If the parents are uninvolved and not interested in child’s learning and going to school, there is a high possibility is that the child will drop out and never finish school or never even learn how to read or write.
Socioeconomics is a third factor which impacts and enhances child’s education. Parents who have money can provide more teaching materials, buy better educational toys, can afford private schools and can easily pay for universities and colleges. They can pay high tuition fees, higher a tutor when needed, can afford to pay for all after school activities (music lesson, tennis lesson, language lesson etc.) and additional educational expenses plus the can afford a good health care plan and better quality food. A healthy child is able to focus more and study harder.
Kids of rich parents have an easier start in life. They have easier access to education. They do not have to work and study at the same time, they do not to have to study hard to get a scholarship to go to college. They can afford all the modern tools and educational aids available on the market. They can afford books!
Children of poor parents from low income or no income homes, from big families definitely have it harder. They have to fight for a place in a good school, fight for a scholarship. Usually they are forced to get a job if they want to go to college. From an early age they are usually left to themselves and taught to fight for...

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