Molecular Biology Of Cancer Essay

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Molecular Biology of Cancer
The rates at which diseases manifest themselves vary according to the consequences felt. Some diseases tend to be more tragic through the speed at which it causes death. However, the speed at which any disease causes death is not the only variable to rate it as being tragic. This is because even if some diseases can kill in hours, if subjected to treatment, remedy is consequently achieved. Some of these diseases manifest themselves for a long time in a person’s life having minor symptoms, which can be challenging to treat. The biological composition of a person’s ...view middle of the document...

This replication of cells enables growth to occur. Similarly, the worn out tissues are constantly replaced through different body mechanisms at play. However, certain circumstances can lead to a failure of such mechanisms that lead to processes like cell replication. This then ultimately leads to cancer. Close study relating to the molecular cell biology lead to an understanding of those mechanisms that necessitate development of cancerous cells. In this case, the understanding has led to development of therapeutic agents to control failure of replication and kill the cancerous cells if already present.

Background to the study
A lot of research has been done concerning this disease and still more is continuously performed in various institutions of disease control and health research. The specific science being worked on here is the causative agents leading to the cause of cancer-related deaths world. An example of such a study concerns the ovarian cancer or peritoneal metastasis, which is a main cause of cancer-related deaths in women. Upon treatment in its early stages, the cancer patients are prone to survive the ordeal. The disease becomes risky when it is in its late stages. This means that a considerable number of cells are already damaged or configured thus disfiguring their normal functions. In this case the tumors cannot respond to any type of treatment administered.
Today, every time a new gene is identified, it is prospected as critical path leading to cancer. The body mechanisms that operate in the human body prove to be within certain signaling platforms that control embryonic development. Activities occurring in normal adult human body leads to control of cells turn over in this case maintaining proper homeostasis required for the normal functioning of the body. All cell behaviors among them cell proliferation, cell differentiation, cell movement, cell death as well as cell adhesion relates to development of cancer. This is because any malfunction of such cell behaviors ultimately attracts other deformations such as unequal cell adhesion or differentiation leading to cancer.

Graph showing new cases of cancer and cancer related deaths.

The course leading to the research and review of this disease lies within its complexity in its diagnosis and treatment. With an aim of reducing the number of cancer reported cases, early screening is advocated. The researchers instinctively dwell on raising awareness with an aim of keeping everyone informed for appropriate measures. The research has a focus on the regulation of growth metabolism during cancer. The assimilation of the food that is consumed leads to metabolism in order to provide energy required for all aspects of cell in this case cell division. Cancer being the abnormal growth of some cells thus has provided a platform for review in the research. The researcher suggests identification of new alterations in cancer cells to be the guideline for their recognition...

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