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Money Doesn't Bring Happiness Essay

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It's a story about Harry Pinkford, a very rich man who had everything that other people just could dream about, but he also had an awful character. He was very mean and selfish that was the reason why he was alone - without a wife, friends and family. Harry enjoyed his life, but one day he began to realize that anything that he had didn't bring him happiness, and it was high time to change his life. He tried to find an explanation of his loneliness and unhappiness, but couldn't. He was walking across the streets and was thinking about his life when he saw a poor man who was singing and playing the guitar for money. The song was about love, happiness and wonderful life that God gave us. This man was singing with wide and cheerful smile on his face. When he ended, Harry sat next ...view middle of the document...

The poor man was shocked and couldn't believe in it. He thought that it was a joke and didn't want to agree, but Harry persuaded him. So, it was the day when lives of both men changed completely. But unfortunately it didn't bring Harry the happiness that he had expected. He became even more selfish, angry and mean than he had been before. Nobody couldn't suffer him, so he was alone again, and he didn't find a job that give him a pleasure, and he had no money even for feeding himself. Time passed and several years later, Harry was sitting on the ground in the park and begging when he saw that man whom he had given his money. The man was walking across the streets with his little daughter and he was smiling so widely as he can. Harry came to him and asked the same question as he had asked some years ago - "Why are you smiling?". The man answered "Why should I be sad? I have everything that I would like - united family, good friends and the job that a enjoy so much - my dream came true! I am a musician and I give concerts all over the world! By the way, I gave lots of money for charity." Harry was shocked "Why are you still happy, but I am not? It is not fair! I gave you all my money and I thought that you would take all my troubles with it. But nobody still loves me and wants to be my friend, and now I understood why - I hadn't done anything in my life that I could be proud of." The man smiled and said "It's not right, you helped me to come true my dream, and I very pleased to you for it and would like to be your friend. I think that it's my turn to help you with your dream".

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