Money Is Everythging Essay

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Money IS Everything
The dust of sleep came over my eyes on a Thursday night in windy April. I began to drift off into sleep when my mom came in and shook my leg “sweetie” she said. I woke up startled and turned to look at the clock, it was barely 8pm. “Finish your homework before you fall asleep, I know its hard but I know you can do it”. Sleepily I look down to see that i'm on my bed with my laptop on my lap and my notebook open to notes I was writing. I see her holding out an object. I rub my eyes and shift myself to see what she's holding out. Its her phone with a picture of me sleeping with my mouth open that she took before I woke up. I laugh and shove her lightly ...view middle of the document...

I had 2 girls who I could call trust worthy friends. But finding out this news was like hitting a brick wall. So many emotions flooded over me; anger, sadness, confusion, disappointment, resentment all came at me at once and I just stayed there on my bed staring at the piece of paper. I don’t even remember if my mom tried to talk to me, all I remember thinking is “How could this school do this to my parents, drain them of their money and ask for more? Even with my scholarship, my parents cant afford this school, am I too stupid enough that they took away my scholarship? Why is everything so expensive!? How can I transfer schools now, im going to be a junior, a crucial year academically, at a new school where I wont know anyone and itll be so different? Can I even do this? Why do I always let down my parents…” My train of thought was broken when my mom gently wiped the tears from my face. That’s when I completely broke down and begin to wail and cry into my moms shoulder while she gave me sympethic pats on my back. I couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t going to graduate at the Hollywood Bowl with my 12 red roses and white fitted gown, I wasn’t going to be able to wear junior blue or senior red, I wasn’t able to get my junior ring along with my friends, I wasn’t going to have top lockers with my friends, I wasn’t going to be an IH panda anymore. I was going to graduate at some other school that I would barely be at for 2 years, not know anyone, feel like an outcast and looked down upon.
After that day, everything went downhill for me as I tried to finish my last month and a half. I decided to not tell my best friends until a month before I was going to leave. I told my friend Jackie first in private after school one day in the library. We sat down across from each other and boy was I nervous. I smiled at her and took a deep breath “Jackie, I'm not coming back next year” I blurted out. She looked up at me dumbfounded and dropped her phone. She then began to laugh nervously “You're kidding right?” I shook my head no and tried to contain my tears. Jackie was the only friend that stuck by me when I was belittled, bullied and ignored by my classmates. She was there for me when no one else was and reminded me every day to keep my head up and not let anything keep me down. If it wasn’t for her, who knows what dior situation id be in. It was Jackie who cracked first and began to cry harder than i've ever seen her cry before. I went over to her to give her a comforting hug and that’s when I started to cry as well. She started to mumble things out like “who am I going to go to for guy problems, whos going to get lunch with me, whos going to keep me away from the plastics (what we call the mean girls at my school), who am I going to make fun of now!?” She was a mess for about 10 minutes and then she finally calmed down. Then I explained to her why I was transferring schools but I didn’t know...

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