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Montessori Education Essay

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Q1.How does Montessori describe “Education”? How is it different from general explanation of the world? What is unique about the Montessori system?
Ans- Dr Montessori felt that education should no longer consist only of imparting knowledge; it must instead take a new path seeking the release of human potentialities. However, it must not be forgotten that, “if education is to be an aid to civilization, it cannot be carried out by emptying the schools of knowledge, of character, of discipline, of social harmony and above all of freedom.
Montessori education emphasizes learning through all five senses not just through listening, watching or reading. Its approach to education follows ...view middle of the document...

The education must call to the child, it must actively engage his interest, it must be accessible to him and stimulating for its appeals to the innermost depths of the developing his soul. Montessori wrote ‘the immense influence that education can exert through children has the environment for its instrument, for the child absorb his environment, takes everything from it, and incarnates in himself.’(The Absorbent Mind, chapter 7, pg61). He has to be free within the environment.
Montessori education is to aid the child’s development into a complete adult human being, comfortable with himself, with his society and with humanity as a whole. Whereas traditional approach to education which prevails today, remains focused on the transmission of prescribe blocks of knowledge, the Montessori approach is focused of giving support to the natural development of the human being. This is done with the understanding that the fully developed human being is better than better disposed to the learning the things that he needs to become an integrated and contributing member of society. The development of character and integration of the whole personality, are traditionally approached as values that must be instilled into the child. The result is children who are bored or stressed and a society with increasing levels of mental illness.
Today Montessori Method of education is accepted as one of the most effective ways of developing the cognitive capabilities of the children. Montessori system of...

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