Moods And Influences: The Musical Emotion This Is Mainly Just An Outline For A Major Essay. It Contains Every Main Idea, Concrete Detail And Commentary Without Any Filler

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I. Through the use of elements such as variations in volume and tempo, musicians and composers, modern and old, use their creations as a catalyst to impart and influence their emotions concerning views on the world to the listener.A. Sadness is often a favored sensation that is displayed in music because of the makers need to be understood about their internal turmoil or to define the sadness and bring together people who relate with such feelings.1. The song "Here's to the Night" by Eve6 starts by establishing a slow but firm rhythm and leans more to lower notes and tones to set a dreary, regretful mood.a. The instant message sent by the beginning of the song is melancholy but as it ...view middle of the document...

The lyricist's hopelessness and feelings of betrayal from the lord he may have once worshipped lead to deeply rooted hate and fury being unleashed in song. This hate goes far enough even to pull people into the frenzy as well as identify with others who feel stripped of their natural happiness by the church.2. Shostakovich's "Violin Concerto no. 1" uses intense shifts in volume as well as many sharp, short, and resonating notes to convey his anguish.a. "As played by Midori, Shostakovich's cries of despair and fury emerged with penetrating force. The violinist immersed herself in the concentrated writing and rarely stopped to take a breath of air. Here is a composer who literally propels the soloist into musical hell, insisting that the violinist serve as messenger of pent-up fury and hopelessness." (Rosenberg, OLD, NEW FACES REVEAL MUSIC'S MANY MOODS)C. Resignation to the inevitable or sincere appreciation of whatever there is left to treasure; these are the makings of calm, relaxed music.1. A moderate pace along with simple rhythms and beats melding with the overall untroubled attitude that is given off by the voice makes "40 oz to Freedom" by Sublime a calming song.a. "40 oz to Freedom" is the singer's reaction to the dull repetitive life he is living, therefore making his 40 oz bottle of liquor the only way out. The message being sent behind the lyrics is one of ease and brings out a whole new appreciation of how to lead your life; with a gentle acceptance because there isn't enough time to love and fight together.2. "Morning Mood" (also part of the Peer Gynt Suite) by Grieg is a simpler, slower, and higher pitched composition that utilizes different instruments to impart a happy dream-like state.a. This piece wordlessly advocates a calm respect for all that is beautiful. Smooth sounds imitate chirping birds and chains of notes tied together...

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389 words - 2 pages the national government pay for. I feel that the government should provide inexpensive laptops that groups of kids could share, and do school work by a qualified teacher over web cam. This would be cheaper, and just as effective.V. ConclusionA. 1. Kids need education2. It will not help school systemB. In the future, when we are all voting, I hope you will consider the children's future, and look out for the best of them.

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1312 words - 6 pages and for the better. People have the power to overcome what they do not agree with as long as they stick together and they feel strongly about it. If they show that they know they are correct and allow the time to help then overall they will accomplish what they are working so hard for. So I do believe that Gandhi's quote should have a great impact on people today because once you understand what he is trying to say you will realize that he is only stating the truth. In doing this essay I believe I have learned more about history improving and the importance to giving stuff time.

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583 words - 3 pages months. They endured beatings, hunger, roll calls and other torture. He witnessed hangings, but he still prayed every day. Like all the prisoners, Elie was given a tattoo and was only recognised as A-7713.In the winter of 1945, Elie's right foot swelled up. He went to the camp doctor who operated on him. Two days later, the SS made the prisoners go on a death march. The prisoners were forced to run for ten days and at the end, they were jammed into

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