Moon Activity Essay

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Moon Activity (due as part of Quiz 3)
Brief Overview of Activity: Over a period of at least three consecutive evenings, you will make careful observation of the Moon's changes in appearance and position.
Required Items: a notebook to take notes or make a sketch (bring your red flashlight), you may take digital photos if you wish.   
Number of Observations needed: 3
Timing of Observations: 3 consecutive nights, around (and after) sunset, a few days after the Moon is new. Your instructor will inform you what the appropriate viewing days are in the term.

Choose a location with a good view of the western horizon from which you can clearly observe the Sun at sunset. Since we will be timing our observations a few days after the Moon is new, the Moon should be visible in the sky at (and for a while after) sunset. It is important that you make all of your observations from the same location and at the ...view middle of the document...

For Each Observation: Make a note in your notebook about appearance of the Moon and its location in the sky. You may make a sketch if you wish. Note any changes from the previous day's observation. Be sure to note the location, date, and time of your observations.
Location of Observations: Corner of lot by stop sign_____________________
Observation (1) Date 02-13-16____________Time 820_________ pm
* Horizontal angular measurement: 26_________ degrees
* Vertical angular measurement:      36_________ degrees
* Appearance: Crescent shaped moon with crescent at the bottom right of the moon and bright_____________________________
Observation (2) Date 02-14-16____________Time 0820______ pm
* Horizontal angular measurement 38_________ degrees
* Vertical angular measurement      46_________ degrees
* Appearance: Almost half shaped moon with the illuminated side on the bottom right corner of the moon._____________________________________________
Observation (3) Date 02-15-16___________Time 820_______ pm
* Horizontal angular measurement 48_________ degrees
* Vertical angular measurement      54_________ degrees
* Appearance Half moon with the illuminated half of the right half and the moon was high in the sky. _____________________________________________
Angular Measurement: As shown below, you can use your fingers (or hand) to estimate angles. Using your measured angles, it is possible to determine the angular change in the Moon's position from day to day. You will need to make two angular measurements for each observation - one horizontal angular measurement and one vertical angular measurement. Your horizontal measurements are made from the reference object/point to the Moon. Your vertical measurements are made from the horizon to the Moon.

Fully extend your arm and use the finger/hand guidelines to make your angular measurements.
Describe any changes in the Moon's appearance from observation to observation.
Describe any change in Moon's position in the sky from observation to observation.
Using the methods laid out above, what is your estimate of the daily amount of angular change in the Moon's position?

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