Moonshine. Tells A Little Bit About The Ilegal Running Of Alcohol

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With new prohibition law being set into place, American gangsters found new and clever ways to get Alcohol to their speakeasies and saloons. The people used 50% less alcohol after Prohibition started .The need for illegal alcohol was high due to police corruption and police shipping out ...view middle of the document...

There was much support for some kind of regulation of liquor. Twenty-six states had already passed the "dry-laws" .

The citizens responded by illegally producing alcoholic drinks. They called this drink moonshine or white lighting. The liquor was made at night; the process was only lit by the moon, giving it the name moonshine. It had to be made in an distill, a very long process. The hooch was most popularly made in the southern states or Appalachian Mountains. With all this moonshine being made, it had to be distributed somehow? And that's where bootleggers or rum runner come in. Those are people hired but speakeasies to transport moonshine to them. The criminal groups had organized because of the profit moon shiners are making buy selling it. That's about when Al Capone became the new Bees knees with moonshine. The police made a special department called the internal revenue service.

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