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Moral Dilemmas Essay

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Brooke Goodfellow February 17th 2012

History of the Camera

The first camera was invented in 1021 by Ibn al-Haytham,who called it the “Camera Obscura” in Iraq. This product has always been called the “camera” as long as it has been invented. Although the camera was invented in 1021, the first photograph wasn’t taken until 1814 by a man named Joseph Nicephore Niepce unsing a sliding wooden box camera. In the year 1888, George Eastman made his first camera which he called “The Kodak” which was the first ever camera to go on sale. By the end of the 19th ...view middle of the document...

In the olden days, a camera was only able to capture a picture in black and white, at the distance it was away from the camera. Today the colour quality on a camera, is almost identical to the exact colour on the actual object, even if that object is meters away. You can also change the contrast of the picture to make the object look brighter, duller, black and white or different colours. A third major change has been that now, cameras do not only take pictures, but also videos with full sound and moving picture. You also do not have to keep buying more film for your camera because you can get a small card to put in the side of your camera, called a memory card or chip which holds your pictures and videos, some up to over 1000, and when it gets full, you can transfer them onto the computer and take more pictures! Another feature that has been added to cameras has been a flash. When you take a picture in the dark or in dull light, you can put the setting to flash so when you take the picture, the flash will trigger and make the picture bright so it is visible, where before there was a flash, if you took a picture at night or with dull light, the picture would turn out black or very hard to see.

Also, with all the different kinds of cameras there have been throughout the years, the prices have all changed dramatically. Some different prices of cameras over the years were: the Kodak Brownie in 1900 costing $1, the Polaroid Instant film costing $100 in 1972, Disposable Cameras which take 25 pictures in the 1900s costing between $25-$30, Kodak Easy Share Digital Camera with 8x wide...

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