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Morality Of Population Control Of Bangladesh

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Morality of Population Control of Bangladesh

ABSTRACT: The rapid rate of population growth in the last half of the present century causes anxiety about the future of humanity because the amount of resources needed to satisfy basic necessities is extremely large. Correspondingly, the satisfaction of basic needs cannot be the sole criterion of the good life. Human beings have a right to live a life composed of things that make life go best. The case of Bangladesh shows that the majority of people live a life barely worth living, a life morally undesirable. One major reason is the rapid increase in population. Bangladesh covers an area slightly less than that of the state of Illinois, but ...view middle of the document...

The per capita GNP is US$ 283 and electricity consumption rate is 90 kwh, infant mortality rate is 81.8 per housand, life expectation at birth is 56 years, literacy rate is 37% there is only one telephone per 380 people — these data indicate that Bangladesh is far behind the developed countries in respect of the physical quality of life. One of the main reasons of this bleak picutre of Bangladesh is its inability to keep the number of people within tolerable limits. In this condition it is not desirable that people will knowingly produce children who would most likely live a life not worthy of living — a life so miserable that it would be better not having been born at all.

Narveson thinks that unhappiness that a prospective person will experience constitutes a moral reason not to bring her or him (2) into existence while happiness which she or he is likely to experience if born provides no moral reason to produce her or him. Morality seeks to promote good and avoid harm or prevent suffering. Not harming people takes moral preference than benefitting them. A moral justification, therefore, exists to avoid conception so that a probable child would not be in abject poverty or suffer any form of adversities. The condition of Bangladesh indicates that the individual or people who will come into existence in future will very likely experience abject poverty or adversities as the socio-economic and environmental condition of this country is very poor. So, there is moral justification to limit the birth of new people in Bangladesh.

The quality of life which is morally desirable does not consist in the mere satisfaction of the basic necessities of life. It consists in having the best things. According to Parfit, the best categories of creative activity and aesthetic experience, the best relationship between different individuals as well as other things which contribute most to make life worth living constitute the best things wherein lies the higher quality of life. (3) While life is of lower quality where there exists "worse housing, overcrowded school, more pollution, less unspoilt countryside, fewer opportunities and smaller share per person of various other kinds of resources". (4) Man's unique ability of adjusting herself/himself with the severe adversities does not imply that serious deprivation is the end of human life. As a human being people have a right to live a life composed of best things. At the same time they should have the freedom and ability to choose whether or not to have that life.

Procreative right is a basic human right which is universally recognized. It is declared in the UN charter that "All couples and individuals have the basic right to decide freely and responsibly the number and spacing of their children and to have the information, education and means to do so; the responsibility of couples and individuals in the exercise of this right takes into account the needs of their living and future children and their...

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